Sewing on my mind

Don’t you hate it when you can’t sleep through the night? So what do I do, I start thinking about sewing and get online.

It’s fair to say I am 100 percent in love with this dress. It’s up on the Burda WOF May #115. I’m thinking of it in a denim with lots of top stitching.

I’m definitely going to need some new suits at the j-o-b. I would love to use this seersucker from this month’s New York adventure.

Here’s the 2003 Burda, I love the waistband, the back skirt treatment and the hidden buttons. This of course would bump me in to the three dot range:
This is from the April BWOF. Also a three dotter. I think the piped pockets are making it a little more advanced.

I wish I lived in a less conservative town and could wear this skirt to work. BWOF Spring / Summer 2007. My German intern from last year is on speed dial to translate when I can get around to this edition. Love that kid.

There’s also great article on Slate about retro fashions, American Apparel and if they are the new Gap. I also read a fairly old one on whether or not Michael Kors is a great designer.

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