First Instincts

It’s the middle of April and it’s finally going to crack 70 this weekend. Which is a relief considering that up until yesterday I was wearing a winter coat and sweater to the office.

In anticipation of warm weather, I skipped over the BWOF and went with the McCalls 5314 view A (sleeveless).

I did a muslin a few months back, worked out a low bust fit issue and bought a cotton with some stretch from A Fabric Place. After pre-treating, I realized it was 45 inches wide, not 60. At $10 a yard and needing five yards I was feeling like this was going to be an expensive and labor intensive dress (for me at least).

I cut (for the most part) out of a single vs. double layer. There was a post on Gorgeous Things last week about this. Good inspiration for making me do it.

I had no idea how see through this was until I was ready to cut. Originally, I wanted to underline the bodice in brown (so it would be opaque against my skin) and use a visable contrast binding along the edges (like a green or navy gingham). But, the underlining and binding intimidated me a little and I decided to just follow the instructions and get a light brown or white slip since the skirt would also be see through.

Just before starting construction, I also considered doing a french seam because I thought that it would be less visible than sewing and serging, but I also nixed that. I was worried about the seam laying flat with all the curved princess seams.

Now, the top is contructed and the seams on the skirt are complete.

But, grrrrrr. I HATE how you can see the facing through the fabric.

I’m taking a break. Well, really my last ball point needle broke while stitching down the facing and I’m supposed to be on my way to mom and dad’s to help clear out thier storage facility.

So, I’m 50 percent done (sleeve binding, hemming of skirt and making tie). Maybe by the time I finish, it will be 90 degrees out and I can actually wear it.

And yes, Cosmopolitan is all done, just need to add buttons to the cuff.

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2 thoughts on “First Instincts

  1. Looks good! I have this same pattern but have NOT cut it out yet!

  2. Looks good! I have this same pattern but have NOT cut it out yet!

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