BWOF Dolman Redux

My best friend Julia had to talk me into the coral. I thought I would be better in the teal option. But, she said, “Girlfriend. Trust.” I shall never doubt her again.

This fabric was going to be the Cosmopolitan. Then it was going to be the new Vogue wrap dress. Now, it’s the BWOF Dolman from August 2003.

I am 100 percent in love with this dress now that it’s in the amazing coral and brown, poly jersery, chain link print from Gorgeous Fabrics. It’s a little busy, but I love it. While I like the black version fine, this suits me far better. Plus, all kinks worked out in this edition.

I am not however in love with how I look without makeup. But, I went swimming this morning and well, it’s Sunday……

Best of all, I went all matchy matchy. Took my time, double cut, etc. and lookit!!! My seams match up.

This time I omitted the zipper completely. The fabric had enough stretch to accomodate my broad shoulders. Plus I widened and lengthed the tie and cuffs.

I do think I’m going to take a few inches off the bottom. But, that can wait.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

This morning I called my mom to wish her Happy Mother’s Day. At some point she made a comment that I’m not a mom, ‘yet‘. I told her my sewing machines were my children and I would save them first if there was ever a fire. She was not amused. Somebody wants some grandbabies!

I love my mom. She’s my best friend and about the greatest woman ever. Here’s a photo of her in the 60s back in New York before she met my dad. Isn’t she fabulous?

Mom is an occsional reader of the blog. She’s constantly amazed by me and my biggest admirer. But, believe me, it’s mutual.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who have children. I hope you get loads of flowers, breakfasts in bed and clean houses :)