Up Next: BWOF 5-2007-121

I also managed to get the dress on the left traced out Saturday. I’ve been looking for a straight edged skirt hem to use with this navy blue cotton with an eyelet border from Metro Textiles.

The editorial photo is just ok. It was the line drawing that took me in. A little concerned that the waist pleats will add bulk around the waist. Which could be why the model has a belt on…..

So looking forward to a three day weekend! This will be a neat one to work on.

You know, if I was at old job, I’d be off for a holiday Wednesday and Thursday too. But, I digress.

Stupid Triathalon

*Note to self: Self, you may not want to drink wine and cut out patterns on Saturday nights.

I’ve lost little weight this year while swimming with friend who was training for a triathalon.

The problem with that is clearly I think I’m thinner than I am. Last night I cut out the BWOF 4-2007-120 capris in a *34* after making my usual 38 and having them be big. I’m usually about a 6 in American RTW. It feels fine, but I think the smiley wrinkles under the butt and the wrinkles above the calf tell different story.

Why didn’t I just make a 36 like I suggested in yesterday’s post? Well, they were big and Wine + Sewing + Saturday Night = Body Dysmorphia.

Ummmm. Right.

Here are the results, no facing, no hemming, no zipper — just the down and dirty. Let’s focus on the positive here and not the fact that these now fit like pantyhose.

What I do like is that I cut the waistband on the true bias and did get this neat effect on the back. I think the hip yoke would have worked better if it was a straight horizontal. I had a little gape in the waist band, so I took that in about an inch before attaching it to the pant back.

original muslin below

What I don’t like is that I’ll be eating spinach with vinegar to be able to wear these pants.

I’ll still finish them and wear them. Because they have some lycra, I think they will stretch like jeans. I didn’t do the drop and squat yet because I haven’t finished them.

Let me say that this is a really nice pattern. Very flattering with nice details. I will be making them again this summer — in a 36. I will not be overconfident and cut a 34 ever again.

As for my friend, I drove out at 6:00 a.m. to see her race in the triathalon this morning and she placed 2nd for first time marathoners and 10th in her age group!