Thread Tracing and Pleats

In my effort to take on more challenging projects, I’ve decided I need to be better at marking items. Also, I realize people read my blog and I can’t hide my poor habits forever.

For the BWOF 5-2007-121 dress, I thread traced all the pleat lines, darts, CF, button line, etc during last night’s Veronica Mars. The only thing I didn’t trace was the seam allowance. That’s better left for more talented (and patient) people like Tany.

Here are my attempts at the pleats for the bodice front. The first one did not go well. I either mismarked or got off track in the topstitching.

The second (on the right) far better. Another good reason to make a muslin….

Below, you can see that there are two darts for shaping. I like how they are hidden within the pleats.
Tonight is the season finale of Lost, so, umm. Well, I’m going to be watching that.

No sewing tomorrow either. I’ve got a work function that involves dinner on a ship, Argentinian sailors and wine with every course. I love any invite that says you should wear your “summer whites”. Good. Times.

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5 thoughts on “Thread Tracing and Pleats

  1. Argentinian sailors and wine?!?!? Sounds like fun! Do you have an extra ticket?

  2. That’s the good and the bad thing about blogging…you know people are checking you out and it encourages you to challenge yourself. My solution would be to just not admit to my poor habits :-)
    And the work function on a ship? How fun will that be!?!

  3. Ummm, just noticed that I did the pleats on the wrong side of one of these. Sigh. Again, this is why I need to do muslins. Doh!

    So excited about work event! I’m wearing my Cosmopolitan and hope to be fabulous.

  4. You are doing just fine! (Thanks for mentioning me!!). So, how do you like thread tracing so far? It does pay off in the end and I find the extra time spent well worth it because my mind “travels” around the many possibilities for the pattern, finishing, etc!
    Dinner on a ship?? Argentinian sailors?? Lucky you!!

  5. Yes! you are going to be super “hawt” in the Cosmo dress! I’ll be back to check the scoop on the sailors, the wine….and of course the new dress progress.

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