Apparently, Cidell is playing the role of the manic blogger today…

Ok. Arms down, second set of photos, the bodice really does not fit well in the back.

What is a good fit?

I didn’t bother with the arms because I did a pin fit and they worked. I’m also skipping doing the skirt muslin even though it’s cut because the waist fits me here too. I have to say that I always think I could use another inch in the waist, but the marked waistline is hitting me at my waistline.

So, to me, the muslin fits. No gapois at the bust, fitting ease to stretch around, smooth through the center back and front. But, now that I see it in photos, I do see some bagginess in places. But, honestly? I kind of think that’s ok. I do think you need some room and I look at the dress on the model and I think it’s far baggier. Also, bear in mind that as this was my muslin, I can’t even testify to it being cut on the grain.

As a fairly lazy sewist, I’m open to second opinions. Does this fit?

Are you married Miss?

I like that my poor Spanish is considered “charming” to 23 year old sailors, but merely warranted me a C in college.

I didn’t take my camera, so no good photos. The ‘tall ship’ Libertad is docked in Baltimore and I had to rep my boss for the event. The Argentine ambassador, Jose Bordon, thew a little soiree on board tonight.
To highlight the food: little baby quiche, figs wrapped in prosciutto, beef empanadas, some sort of traditional stir fry pork in a cream sauce, mini turkey sandwiches on fresh baked bread, herbed cheeses topped with mushrooms, meats and other veggies.

I will say my 3 inch stacked heels and two glasses of red Argentine wine were not the best for getting on and off the ship, but luckily, there were plenty of sailors to help.

So much freaking fun. Makes up for the 50 hour work weeks.

Next post we will return to sewing.