Shoulder pads + Adjustment = Fit

This is the last of today’s sewing. It’s finally gotten warm in Baltimore so it’s time to put in my four window units. That and there are some disgusting black bug things (aphids?) decimating my chives in the herb garden. So, I’ve got to take care of that.

I’ve reduced the sloped shoulder adjustment to 3/8 inch vs. one inch. That’s this first photo.
Below are photos with a 1/2 inch shoulder pad included. Um, photos are of the left and right individually because I could find only one shoulder pad. Clearly another room that needs some straightening today.

So I think together, that helps the back wrinkles. Next up (with my fellow Blogger guides) is raising the back waistline of the dress.

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5 thoughts on “Shoulder pads + Adjustment = Fit

  1. Wow, what a difference…Debbie gave you great advice. It looks much better!

    I”m sorry I missed your progress this weekend…I was waist deep in weeds in the yard. Really great job!

  2. I can’t wait to see the end product, that dress is fierce, but its a little out of my league

  3. That helped a lot, that and the shoulder pad. I’m thinking you can probably go ahead and cut at this point.
    LIfting that waist seamline in the back isn’t a big deal at all.

    A book recommendation: the fitting you are working on right now is getting into real ‘custom clothing’ territory and you are probably really ready to sit down with the meaty Fitting and Pattern Alteration by Leichty, Pottberg and Rasband

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