Cutting Fiend

Since I got more fitting than sewing done over the Memorial Day holiday, I’m cutting up a storm in preperation for sewing this weekend. Plus, I’m working almost every night next week so no time to sew then.

I’ve cut the Simplicity 3803 day gown / maxi dress out in a green and white seersucker. I realized in the muslin I made up Wednesday morning before work that I needed a little more space in the bust cup. So, what would any girl who has never done a FBA do? I cut it on the bias. This way I’ll get some give plus a neat design element. I haven’t started sewing yet because I need to buy lining.

Second, I’ve got the two tone Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan pinned and ready to cut. I’m doing a short sleeve version with a cuff like Christina at Assorted Notions did. The contrast will be a rose pink.

Tomorrow I’ll cut and thread trace the BWOF pleated dress that I blogged about all weekend. I talked with NiceGirl last night and she walked me through converting my long sleeve to a puffy short sleeve. I’ll try to show it when I get to that part.

Also, here is a pin cushion I pinched from my mom this weekend. As I’ve mentioned, the Colonel doesn’t sew, but she always had a sewing kit. I always loved this pin cushion because it was a pretty purple velvet and a neat Tiffany Blue metal. She’s had it since before I was born. Now, it’s mine.
Finally, my new camera came in today. You should see the brick I was using! It’s a luscious chocolate brown and I could not be more excited. Click on today’s photos — they are *crystal* clear!

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15 thoughts on “Cutting Fiend

  1. Fun stuff! The last time I visited my mom I grabbed a bunch of patterns I remember growing up. Ah, the continuity.

    So you cut out several things during the week to sew over the weekend? Interesting! I would love to be a more efficient sewer as opposed to the obsessive, crash-n-burn type I am now.

    OK, I gotta go get some sleep …


  2. I have that Threads maxi dress pattern too! One of the million on my “to sew” list… Congrats on the new camera.

  3. Just a thought: By changing the grain line on the bodice you have put the neckline on the straight (or cross, depending upon how you laid it out) grain. When that V of the neckline is on the bias it tends to lay flatter, closer to the body. By changing it, you create the unintended consequence of a neckline that is going to need more coaxing to conform to your body contour.
    Is the fabric for this dress that soft Spechler Vogel seersucker? you’re going to want to think about something like the fusible staytape (it can be really hard to come by, let me know if you can’t find it) for that edge. I’d suggest doing a basting fit and then measureing against your body the length you want that neckline taped, then stretching the fuse tape as you fuse it to the seamline before stitching the lining to the face fabric.
    does this make any sense? or does it sound like midnight ramblings?

  4. How neat to change the grain of the bodice! It will look so interesting in that seersucker. I hope the neckline looks good depite Marji’s (very interesting) remarks. Amazing how helpful the sewers can be.

  5. Ooooh. I never thought (knew) that! I wouldn’t consider it a ‘soft’ seersucker at all. I bought it in Spring from Metro Textiles.

    Funny you metion to fusible tape because I was looking on line yesterday for fusible bias and straight stay tape.

    I was going to stabilize the neckline with regular stay tape or a thin line of fusible interfacing. Could I use the ‘clear elastic trick’ before putting on the linging to see if that keeps it snug?

    Where do you like to order the fusible from? Luckly, this dress can wait a bit :)

    Oh, and thanks for the heads up!

    This could be why I never deviate from the instructions when cooking…..

  6. I’m excited to see the results of all these patterns…especially 3803. I have that exact pattern that I bought blue seersucker for but just haven’t had time to cut it out. I was also planning on cutting the breast portions on the bias ever since I saw that Threads magazine!

    I hope you find a lot of time to sew this weekend.

  7. I always put stay tape in a V-neck and ease the neck to the tape a bit to make it curve towards your body. Just cut the stay tape about 1/2″ – 3/4″ shorter than the neckline and use the feed dogs to ease in the fabric, more towards the bust than towards the shoulders. It’ll be great!

    The great thing about that pin cushion is that you can use it for hand sewing needles. I am always on the look out for a pincushion with a hard bottom like that…otherwise the needles just keep going into the cushion and “disappear!”

    Have a fun weekend!

  8. Can’t wait to see the dress! I love doing upper bodices on the bias, but being flat-chested must be an advantage in this situation because I’ve never noticed it causing a gape.

  9. I love that dress pattern so I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    Plus what great tips you’ve received, things I never even would have thought of!

  10. I love that dress pattern so I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    Plus what great tips you’ve received, things I never even would have thought of!

  11. you said in your other blogpost about this dress (pattern 3803) that you don’t use the pattern anymore given that you’ve made the dress so many times. any chance you’d like to send the pattern on to a blog reader/ stalker? :) it’s now out of print and i can’t find it anywhere.

  12. apologies. that wasn’t you who said you’d made this so many times… but want to pass it along anyway? i’d even send it back!

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