First I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments you left about my mom and my family. They are a great bunch and it was a treat for us to all be together to celebrate my mom. Growing up an Army brat made me who I am today. Liberal, outgoing and kind of obnoxious :)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled sewing blog.

Last night I followed the advice of a friend and interfaced the rip, used some fray stop and ‘zig zagged like hell’.

This morning, I put the sleeve in (it’s been years since I did an eased sleeve — not a fan).

Voila! Dawn was right, barely noticeable. The rip seemed enormous when I did it. I guess I overreacted a little. And Tany’s right, the sound of ripping fabric is nauseating.

I also put in the lining. It’s a black poly blend batiste from Joann’s. I just did one large pleat in the front and back rather than all the pleating from the skirt. It’s going to be about 1 inch above the hem when finished.

Next: trim out the lining with lace, stitch it down along the zipper, insert other sleeve.

Oy. Am now running late for work. I cannot sew and blog in the morning!

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4 thoughts on “Fixed

  1. Yay! So glad the rip was fixable. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. You fixed that perfectly. No one will ever notice unless you point it out and I’m sure you will not be doing that! Great job!

  3. Good save on that rip. This dress is going to have a history. Makes it even more special.

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