On Principle

The sewing ban gave me a great opportunity to go through the stash and start some pre-treatment. I likely won’t do anything with this flannel until the fall / winter.

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I found it at Joann’s this year on sale for just $2 a yard. At the time I was on a fabric moratorium. But, on principle, I buy anything ‘cute’ with little black girls.

I mean c’mon. They are jumping rope and playing hopscotch. They have little cornrows and afro puffs. Afro. Puffs. I had to buy it. They were practically giving it away.

So my shoes are back in my closet and I can actually see my kitchen countertop! Thanks for all the gentle nudging (Dawn, Sharon and Narcissaqtpie). And a special thanks to Nancy for her New Math.

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2 thoughts on “On Principle

  1. That fabric is adorable. I used to play hopscotch, jump rope and wear afro puffs. I would have bought it for the same reasons you did. I never buy fabric without knowing exactly what I’m going to do with it, but I would have broken my rule for that fabric!

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