Spinster Who Sews

Can I complain for a moment before I show you the good and the bad of the sewing today?

When I walked into a party tonight, I was introduced by the host to an older woman. The woman said, “How come a nice young woman like you is here by herself?” I smile politely not really having a reply and she says, “You must be doing something to keep the men away.” Umm, right. That must be it. I excuse myself for some sangria.

I am later introduced to the newish boyfriend of a friend. He says, “You’re not what I was expecting.” I ask him what he was expecting and he says,

“I heard you were 30, single and made your own clothes and just figured you must be a hag.”

I think there’s a compliment in there somewhere.


On to the sewing.

After seeing all these cool welt pockets on the blogs the last two days, I thought I would whip out an eBay find from last year. The Dritz Bound Buttonholer.

Here’s what I got the first time out:

It’s not as good as Tany‘s. But, I’m a girl who loves her gadgets! Plus, this was my first attempt ever (I didn’t use any interfacing either). Makes me kinda want the double welt pocket maker that Clothilde has (pockets up to six inches in length).

The item has been discountinued but there is one on eBay now. I also think you could use the pocket maker mentioned above to make bound buttonholes.


The jacket is coming along. The pockets are so stinking cool with the little tab and all. Hmmm, should have changed the grain direction of the tab. That would be perfect.

The triangle facing, not so cool. I don’t know what happened here. And I honestly don’t know if I feel like fixing it.

I could just make it straight across the bottom. I could also redraft the bottom to correct the off center point. Or I could just leave it alone and tell myself no one (but you all) will notice.

I love sleeves that are supposed to have tucks and gathers. Can all my tops have this please?

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13 thoughts on “Spinster Who Sews

  1. AS for the comment, some people are idiots. Need I say more?

    Unfortunately, You will never be happy with that front facing like that. It looks like the seam allowance needs to be taken in more. Will that be major? Other than that, it looks great. You’ve put a lot of work into this piece and I know you will want it to be right.
    I’ve heard of that bound buttonhole maker before. I’d love to try it. Where did you get it.

  2. That bound buttonhole maker looks great! I would also be interested in knowing where did you get it! Your jacket is coming along nicely, I can’t wait to see the final result!

  3. OMG, You made me spit my coffee out! A hag, indeed. LOL. Funny the stereotypes that still abound regarding sewers and even more so, knitters!

    The jacket is looking spiffy! I’m still zipping through easy garments as I re-learn sewing but I’m getting ansy to try something a little more challenging.

  4. What the heck kind of party was that? LOL, what a coupla idiots.

    I’ve always wondered about those buttonhole makers and welt makers. I don’t understand how they work? You don’t actually stitch inside the metal opening do you? I just don’t get what the advantage of the tool is I guess.

    That is really going to be a cool jacket. Love the pockets. Would it be very hard to fix the front placket? Is the problem just that it’s wider on one side?

  5. Where did you get that buttonhole gadget? I must have one.

    Hmmm…..I am not single and 30. I am happily married and a “few” years older. My friends know I sew, but they don’t know which items in my wardrobe are made or bought. I confess this means that I usually don’t tell people I made something. If I get a compliment on it and they ask where I bought it, I tell them I can’t remember. Once a friend asked me if the pants I had on, which I made, came from the Ann Taylor store. I told her yes. It was better to do that then all the comments one gets.

    You are an expert at sewing. Plus you are a beautiful, independent woman. Some people can’t handle that strength in a woman, but who cares. I think qualities like that are the best qualities a woman can posess.

    Plus there is a typo on your age. I had you at about 23-25. You should fix that. ;)

  6. Don’t you hate “back-handed” compliments?! Arghhhhhhhhh!

    That little gadget is awesome! I didn’t even know they existed! I want one now! I have a bound buttonhole feature on my sewing machine, but I’ve never used it. Your jacket is coming along nicely.

  7. Don’t you just love it when people have presupposed notions of what you are supposed to look like because you sew? I have been on the receiving end of some of those comments and I really think people who don’t sew view us as aliens from another planet! My favorite thing was when someone asked why I didn’t just go to Macy’s and my reply was, “so that I don’t look like you!” I don’t think she liked that too much but oh well!

    The jacket is very interesting and I am glad you were able to fix the triangle piece. Can’t wait to see it finished. I thought of you Friday when I saw the seersucker section at Kashi’s…August, right?

  8. I don’t like your friend’s new boyfriend. I’d rather be single. I’m married so the fact that I sew makes me…a frumpy hausfrau?

  9. I purchased one of those bound buttonhole makers back in my college years in the 1960′s. I made a lot of suits at that time and wish I still had a couple of them. Vogue had a lot of Jackie Kennedy inspired suit patterns that were not the usual lapel style. I used that buttonhole maker frequently. I still have it, but lost the instructions many years ago. Will have to figure it out as they help make great bound buttonholes.

    Your story reminded me of an incident that happened to me when I was in my mid 20′s. It was probably 1972 or ’73. I am small breasted; while at a gathering a friend took me to, I approached the bar area to ask for a drink. As this was in a home, the host and friends were tending. One man in his 60′s leaned over the bar, pinched my breast and remarked about how small my breasts are. I was absolutely speechless–something that does not happen often.

  10. Wow, you got a lot done on that jacket already.

    What I hate is:

    “Oooh, I love that dress/top/jacket. Where’d you get it?”

    “I made it…”

    “Wow! You should open up a boutique!”

    Um, yeah. Totally the next logical step.

    I don’t go into the fact that I used a pattern and it would be illegal to sell garments made from a copyrighted pattern, or the fact that I’d have to make a deal with a sweatshop in Asia because there is no possible way I could sew so enough garments to fill even a quarter of a shop.

    People have all kinds of notions in their heads about what sewing is!

  11. I love seersucker, especially the pretty lime green you used in an earlier post. Is that the same as the long dress? If so, gorgeous! I wish it were hot enough where I live to wear those clothes all the time.

    Didn’t it used to be a status symbol a couple centuries ago to have your clothes personally made for you? I’m not a history buff, but it seems to me… Anyhoo. Ignore the idiots. I’ve been happily single a long time and whatever I’m doing to drive the male idiots away is fine with me. LOL

    Love your blog.

  12. I’m a 53 yr old single mom, and sew my own clothes — what does that make me? Actually, I might change the name of my blog to “The Sewing Hag”!

    I used to have a welt pocket maker similar to your bound buttonhole maker. I never used it and trashed it during a purge several years ago. Now, I wish I saved it! Oh, well ….

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