Oh. I get it.

First, a moment of silence. Last month I ordered Power Sewing and Fast Fit by Sandra Betzina. They didn’t show so I started an email exchange with the online bookseller. They were supposedly delivered to my home on the 30th of June. Ummmm, don’t have it. Either lost in the mail or some snot-nosed kid was sorely disappointed when he nicked the $30 worth of sewing books off my porch.

My $10 worth of pattern drafting books arrived safely today and I’ve had an A-hah! moment. Tany suggested some pattern drafting books and I found these. And now, Mrs. Stylebook is finally making some sense to me. Maybe now I can stop harrassing Madhatter and GeekSewing about Mrs. Stylebook.

The drawings below are from “Patternless Fashion” by Diehl Lewis and May Loh. This book was $2.68 plus shipping from Amazon Marketplace. They essentially use the Chinese method to develop patterns with just your body measurements.

These are the same principals used in Mrs. Stylebook. Could not be more excited. Apparently, I just needed it in English.

Should be good reading for Ghana. I leave in one week!

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