What I Got

** Edited to add more fabrics I found while unpacking. Yes, that’s right. I bought so many I lost track. Is that wrong?

I see the first as a long maxi dress, the second a wrap dress and the third was originally for Nicegirl. But, now I’m not sure if it’s for her. I’ll let her tell me I guess.

This was a gift from our fixer Aisha. After hearing my exclamations over every print I saw in town she brought this. She had some in her stash and thought I might like it. I’m thinking brown silk for underlining and an off the shoulder bodice in gold or brown with this as the skirt. Not that I have a need for a dress like that.


What I got out of Africa was a big lesson in not eating off the street. But, I was so hungry on Saturday that I ate fried plantain chips off the street. For the love of all that is holy. My stomach is still not right. Oy.

But, for fabric, here’s what I got….

There are two pieces missing. They are already made into outfits for me and my mom which I will show you over the weekend.

And now, I am off to bed. This time it was 24 hours of travel with stops in Nigeria and Frankfurt on a plane with the AC set to ‘meatlocker’. I’m also ashamed to admit that the first two things I ate in the US was McDonalds and pizza. If I never see rice and chicken again…

Back to work in the morning!

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