Kente Weaving

So, the one thing I did not buy in Ghana was Kente cloth. I really really wanted to, but it turns out I don’t actually like it. This fairly expensive cloth has been worn by kings in Africa for centuries. I thought I couldn’t leave without some, but I did.

While I personally didn’t care for it, I was amazed by the process in making it. I was also amazed that I really only saw men weaving or sewing it. It’s made on a huge loom using both hands and feet to weave the fabric.

Each strip is about six inches wide, and the patterns are at angles only, no curved shapes.

Strips can then be sewn together, creating great big pieces of kente.

Another interesting thing I learned is that men need 12 yards of fabric to make these outfits and women just six. Hence, why fabric is sold in 12 and six yard bundles. But there is no such thing as feminine fabric. So men and women buy and wear the same prints.

I was told that they were part of the Ghanaian Royal Family. I have his name written down somewhere….

Serious jet-lag. It’s 2:00 a.m. and I’m wide awake. That’s going to suck come lunch time.

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