Want a wool dress?

13 Oct

ETA: Turns out two of the three views in BWOF call for a stretch fabric, but not my view. So, thanks to Elaray and Isabelle (she even checked in her French version) for pointing this out. I now think that all three views should have called for stretch. There is no way this dress will fit without a stretch fabric or adjusting the pattern. So, not my fault! But cautionary tale to always measure.

Well. I’m really disappointed. I finally got to finishing up BWOF #105 today and it’s too small in the bust. I am really surprised. I cut my usual 38. From what I can tell, the measured pattern is 88 cm at the bust point. I am exactly 88 cm at the bust point. BWOF says a 38 is 88 at the bust. Maybe I’m measuring wrong, but it’s too tight and unwearable.

Kind of looks like a corset up close because it pushes the girls together and up. I didn’t bother putting the sleeves in.

It’s a really nice dress. I’m going to finish it up at some point and give it to my cousin. She’s shorter than I am but definitely smaller in the bust. I even lined it and gave a RTW finish with my invisible zip. Did I already mention I’m disappointed and really just confused?

I guess I should start measuring the bust on patterns. But, I’ve made dozens of BWOF and never run into this problem.

Meh. I’m going to go eat candy.

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