I came home last night from work at 9:00 (grrrr) and pre-treated fabric. Honestly, fabric is better than yoga.

I reread Dawn’s posting on Beginning Silk to prep my self for the pre treating.

1. Stretch silk for the Neue Mode (R.I.P) $300 AKA New York dress knock off from Metro Textiles. Loses some luster but retains its shape and hand during handwash and gentle machine wash. Any thoughts? Is the loss of luster too subtle to care?

2. (below) Silk tweed from FabricMart. Looks good. Maybe a little… nubby? I bought enough for pants and to eek out a vest. I was inspired recently.

3. (above) Free bundle from FabricMart had a white stretch linen. I’m giddy over this. I want a pair of white pants so bad! Held up fine in super hot wash. C’mon. Am I really going to make white pants that I can’t throw in the washing machine?

4. Two delicious Anna Sui silks. The main reason I ordered in the first place. One of them is actually the foundation of my Burda mini-wardrobe this spring.

I’m scared to death to work with the silks as they will need underlining to be wearable. But, I have one RTW silk dress that I compliments on all the time. Time to replicate the look.

Tomorrow, or Saturday or quite frankly maybe when I’m back in town, a 15 lbs delivery.

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