Some scrimping

Folks. Don’t cut when you are tired.

I decided to cut out the skirt last night in order to get a little progress made on the dress. Isn’t it cool how the skirt is darker on one end because of how the light hits it??

The back skirt is a semi-circle. Theoretically it should be cut on the fold but my silk wasn’t wide enough. So I cut in a single layer and flipped the pattern to the wrong side to cut the other half of the fabric.


I cut the first half of the skirt at a 14 and the second at a 12. I forgot because I always cut a 12. That means the skirt was 1/2 inch smaller than it should be.

After cursing the day I decided to make a formal dress I debated what to do:

  1. Recut the skirt in the 14 and eliminate the hood from the design
  2. Add the 1/2 inch to the skirt front and have some uneven seams
  3. Fudge

I went option #3.

I’ll cut the hood from the just-a-hair-too-short, busted skirt portion. The hood calls for three yards of fabric as it is self-lined. To save more of the dupioni, I’ll line the hood in flannel backed satin rather than self fabric and re-cut the skirt in the correct size.

I’m well rested now with some coffee in me. I’m going to tweak the bodice muslin and add the real boning. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Finally, I did pick up some non-BWOF patterns this week at the Simplicity sale. 4074 and 3678 will be knits from PR Weekend, 3690 will be my ‘wardrobe’ pattern for the Timmel SWAP, and 3631 will likely wait until spring.

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