Punky Brewster Gloves

You all know that I am painfully jealous of knitters, right? Well, last year I was at a craft fair with the $300 skirt friend and bought these cashmere gloves. I won’t tell you how much I paid for them. But, you know you have that friend who has way more money than you and she tells you it’s so cute and so worth the ‘investment’ and you start to feel like you have money too? Yeah….

I resolved this year to make myself a pair. Especially after I saw nubiancrafster’s and Toya’s. And I did last night in about 10 minutes. Vague instructions below.

  1. Take sweater that has seen better days and cut off sleeve and open up along seam line
  2. Serge the cut edge on the bottom and 1/4 to halfway down the sides from the top. This will be the finishing for your thumb hole.
  3. Pin the sleeve around your hand — wrong sides out.
  4. Pin out your thumb, above and below like an L. You want to mark the corners so you know where your thumb comes out.
  5. Pin a bit down the length of your arm — make it tight, knits grow
  6. Gently remove your hand. Trim the sweater close to the pin lines.
  7. Now, serge around your pins / marking — leaving a hole for your thumb. I found it helpful to clip around my thumb (above and below) so I could serge in one clean motion. I also recommend serging twice or using wooly nylon. I personally can’t get that stuff to work in my machine but it sounds like the kind of thing that would work well for this.
  8. Turn inside out


A young woman in my office admires my cashmere ones. I’ll scope out the thrift store this weekend and see what sweaters I can dig up to make her a pair.

A guy in my office called these my Punky Brewster gloves. I loooved Punky Brewster as a kid. So much in fact that my parents called me Punky for years. And may still. I’m not fully copping to that.

Yesterday I finished off the waist stay, new strap, understitched the foundation, added hooks and eyes and made five flowers. The pattern calls for seven, I may need to make eight since mine are smaller. And pretty inconsistent! But, I like them different sizes. Kind of like a bouquet.

I’m glad you guys like them! I’m sooo not an embellishment kind of girl. I remember when I was a kid my mom was always trying to get me to buy shoes with bows or flowers and I just wanted the plain black pumps.

I tried to sew the stones in and that didn’t work out. I’m leaning to a hot glue treatment? Trena suggested ‘Goop’. Any thoughts on how to make the little stones stay in?

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