A Give Away!

So, after reading Dawn’s post on how you actually use a tailor board, I bought one on eBay. But, I decided I also wanted the pad set. So, I called Nancy’s Notions. Well, they had it. But, sent me a tailor board instead of the pad set. Twice. One was donated to a sewing friend and the second, I’m giving away.
So, if you are interested in improving the look of your sewing by leaps and bounds, post your interest in the comments section. International entries welcome. I’ll do a drawing on Christmas using this random number generator I keep reading about on other blogs. I’ll email and post the winner the day after Christmas.

I mentioned in my last post that I spent time with Nicegirl in DC this weekend. While she is a prolific sewist, she’s also an amazing jewelry maker. Look what I unwrapped at her place!

I gave her a pressing ham. I am like, the most uncreative person. Ever.

Tonight, I went to a screening of Denzel Washington’s ‘The Great Debaters‘. While a lovely movie with a well written, well-acted plot, I was drooooling over Jurnee Smolett’s wardrobe. Set in the 1930s the clothes are to die for. Especially if you have a 21 year old body. I am a little upset she’s hanging all over my boyfriend Nate Parker. But, he says it’s just for show.

Photos from movies.yahoo.com

Normally, I put a Christmas tree up. For several reasons I didn’t this year. One of which is that I haaate taking it down. I’ve been feeling cruddy about this after seeing so many pretty trees on the blogs this year. I’m a little obsessed with Lucy from Peanuts, so all my ornaments are Lucy. Yep, I’m a themed-tree person. I keep thinking if I ever have children I’ll need to have the family tree and then my tree. I really need to learn to let go of these things!

And no, my yoga pants aren’t done. I’m such a slow poke!