Up Next: BWOF 5-2007-124

When I came back from Ghana earlier this year it was kind of late in the season to work with any of the fabrics I picked up. Next month I’m visiting my mom in Panama for two weeks. Considering today was a balmy 37 degrees in Baltimore and it’s in the low 80s there, I’m making a summer dress.
I’ve been 100 percent in love with this 5-2007-124 BWOF dress since it ran. Then I saw Summerset’s version using a border print and I knew what I was going to do with it.

I’ve chosen this green, white and black print cotton with a top and bottom border. The fabric is just 40 inches wide. I’ve cut the skirt to take advantage of the bottom border print.

This is also my first time working with the BWOF featured pattern. Look at this!! Not only are there two pages of illustrated directions, the pattern pieces were so easy to find in bright pink! Oh, happy day!

For the waistband, I decided to piece together the top and bottom border to make one unique piece.

I really wanted to use the ‘middle’ border in the waistband (above), but the waistband wasn’t large enough to effectively show the the two designs. So, I decided to show one small white line between the two border prints.

Seamless, huh?

I’m putting this aside for the next few days. I need to make two more pjs and a hostess apron for holiday gifts. But, so far, I am very pleased.

I wish yoga class was as easy

I’m not sure, but I believe that I could be a trendsetter. I think these pants are the color Pantone has chosen as the color for 2008.

I finished my yoga pants! These took less than one hour to actually construct. Include the cutting and tracing time, *maybe* two hours. They are so simple. And with the knit I had, I didn’t even bother serging the insides. Quite frankly, I’m not sure I even pressed as I went.

A couple of points if you are considering making these from the November 2007 BWOF (these are #122). First, if you usually need to make a sway back adjustment, these are no different even though they are knit. I made a one inch adjustment in the back and a one inch adjustment in the fold-over waistband.

Second, I made a 38 — my usual size and graded to a 40 at the thigh. If you want a snug fit, you’ll want to size down. They are a bit more wide legged then they appear in the line drawing. I love that, but you may not.

I should say when I last went to yoga two weeks ago, I was DYING. It was super hard and I was miserable for 90 long painful hot, hot yoga minutes. Yoga hard. Yoga pants easy.

Oh, Victoria’s Secret has a similar style for $29. Mine, $12.