One of the best gifts — ever

A young lady who works with me went home to Odessa, Ukraine for the holidays. Before leaving she asked what I wanted. I was very specific: I wanted black nesting dolls, the woman should be the largest doll, should have curly black hair and needed to have a sewing machine. Look what she brought back!

Anna said when she went into town and asked for a ‘chocolate colored’ doll they said they had never heard of such a thing. But, they did a fantastic job!

Check out her features. They didn’t just paint a Ukranian doll brown (like my 1980s era Barbie dolls). They really made her a black woman! Broad nose, full lips, curly hair, brown skin!! She’s ME!!

And the sewing machine. Clearly a direct copy of a vintage machine! It’s even got a needle plate! Look at the knobs and detail! The thread perched on top! A bobbin winder too!

Check out the little girl inside. She’s holding a black baby doll. A black baby doll wearing little tennis shoes and a pink Charlie Brown sweater!

I am soooo glad I didn’t keep the pajamas!