My back is huge

At least I think that’s the problem with my muslin of BWOF’s 1-2008-105. First, loving this blouse!! Not nearly as kooky as it came across in the editorial spread.

Front seems to fit fine…

Don’t love the collar. It reminds me of the collars men wore in the 1800s daguerreotypes. May have to make that bigger on the official version.

I made a 1/2 inch swayback adjustment using the Sandra Betzina method from Power Sewing (more on that in another post) and graded out from a 38 to a 40 in the hip…

I even practiced ways of showing off the double cuff at work…

“What? This unusual style detail on my uber-trendy and European style blouse? Oh, I made it.”

But, It’s super snug across my upper back with some seriously twisting sleeves. At first I thought I put the wrong sleeves in (not my first time doing that). But, all the notches, etc matched up.

I pulled out my four fit books last night during Project Runway and have some less-than-educated guesses.

1. Do I have a broad back? I seem to remember hearing folks talking about cutting the back bigger than the front. I think this would help.

2. If I could put a godet under the arm that would be awesome. I think that feeling of it being tight when I lift up means something. But, I’m not sure what that feeling translates to.

Oh, I’ll also say that before the sleeves went in the fit felt fine. But, when I was basting the sleeves to check placement, I was thinking there wasn’t enough underarm fabric from either the sleeve or the bodice to make it work.

So, I throw myself down on on the floor of the Fit Court. Do you guys have any suggestions?

On a blog style note, how is it to read with the faded background? At home on my Apple/Mac it looks great. At another PC, it seemed harder to read. But, I also have to bump up the font size on every computer I work at.

And does anyone else know how to make Blogger keep consistent with the 1.5 line spacing? I noticed that it changes midway through my last two posts.

I’m asking a lot of you guys today, huh?

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