Shoulder Point

First, I am very bitter that my Tivo failed me and I have no recording of last night’s Lost. There are no words.
Moving on.
Thank you all for the feedback! Thank you for taking the time to tell me what you thought about the layout and suggestions on fitting the blouse. I’ve made some changes to both! Debbie, Marji, Heather and Lori weighed in on the shoulder point. After first admitting that I had no idea what the shoulder point was, and more questions back and forth and some diagrams — I asked a workmate to measure my shoulder this morning. They were right. My shoulder length is about 4.5 inches. The pattern shoulder length is 5 inches. Eureka!

Marji tells me that the fold you see in the right shoulder area is what I need to remove from my pattern to bring the sleeve where it needs to be. The folding you see on the left is the blouse trying to correct itself with the excess shoulder fabric.

Helpful highlights courtesy of Marji. I removed the sleeves to see if they were in backwards. Umm, maybe? The sleeve head seemed to fit smoother, but the notches didn’t match up.

She says that “Back, drag lines indicate you need more fabric – front, folds indicate there is too much fabric”. Which helps explain why it was all tight across the back. Fabric just pulling, pulling, pulling. Oh, and there is only one inch of ease in my bicep. I think it’s clearly time for me to start measuring my patterns. She has some thought that I could have a narrow back. But, I need to do some more measuring to be sure.

So, this weekend I’m going to work on adjusting the muslin (thanks Heather!). I would actually like to wear it. Then, I’m going to start some changes on the pattern so I can use it for the Build a Better Blouse class.

And now, I’m off to bookclub.

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