Curvy Cuffs

For the record, I’m getting the fabric withdrawal shakes. But, in 2.5 weeks I will be in sunny and warm Los Angeles eyebrow deep in fabric.

I’ve got the new version of BWOF’s 1-2008-105 all cut out and about 50% sewn. I have high hopes of finishing up this weekend and starting on the tuxedo version from the same issue and pattern.

photo of first muslin

What I really liked about this shirt is the solid cuff with print fabric. As you can imagine, this was flat as paper when I constructed it. Normally, a cuff would button, but on this style it’s left open to show off the second cuff.

Using my seam roll and some spray starch, I was able to press some shape into it so it will curve nicely around my wrist when completed.

I wear a cock up splint most days at work (and overnight) for my tendonitis. Although I wear it daily, I’m asked every single day by people “What’d you do to your hand?”

The day they make a chocolate brown brace to match my skin is the day I will do a little dance in front of the medical supply store.

So, for this shirt, I added an extra inch to the width of the wrist so the shirt can cover the brace and make it a little less noticeable. Also, I can slip the shirt on and off far easier while wearing the brace.

I think my next post will be about my fabric shopping list for LA. I’m including most of your ideas for a red, white and blue SWAP. For someone who likes clothes as much as I do, it’s remarkable how I can’t plan a wardrobe to save my life.

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