Up Next: Betty Shopper

So, the last time I tried to make a bag it was about 10 years ago when the boxy Kate Spade bag was all the rage. I *lusted* for that bag. Simplicity had a version of it. When I was done, it was a crafty homemade looking hot mess.

Oh. Wow. They are still printing the pattern.

This pretty much made me decide that home sewn bags were no good. Recently, I’ve been inspired, by Stephanie at Creative Reveries and Peacock Chic’s Amy Butler Weekender.

I really want to make the Weekender Bag. But, over PR Weekend, both Leslie in Austin and MelissaB warned me that making the bag was a physical battle. So, I went with something easier. I’m trying the Betty Shopper in an Alexander Henry print. I’m going to sew it on my friend’s industrial too. I’m drawn to it mostly, because I think the model looks like me. The second model. Not the blonde.

Ok. She doesn’t look like me. But, that’s how I want my arms to look when I carry my version around this summer. Girl.

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One thought on “Up Next: Betty Shopper

  1. I love, love, love your bag! Thank you for taking a picture with it, that was helpful. I noticed how beautiful your dress was before I read your comments on it. I also wanted to mention how much I loved the buttons, where did you get them?

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