Weekly Roundup

I really enjoy hearing from you guys and appreciate the comments. It’s like having a conversation with you! But, I’ve gotten slow at individual responses. So, this is going to be my new weekly feature.

Jan posted a great link in the comments for color matching for women of color. It’s over at Bella Online.

Toby Wollin talked about her days in theater and lighting African American women. I know when I worked at a TV station aeons ago, the techs gave me my ‘special’ setting. I should figure out how to post a video clip from DVD.

Nancy Karpen asked how the wax prints are made. According to the GTP site, it’s just another way of printing fabric. Some of mine are cotton and one is something called Woodin. But, I don’t remember which one. But, when I was in Ghana, I made my own print. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. Maybe a halter?

I have about four more that I want to work with. But, I’m on the hunt for a full skirt, vintage pattern with a simple but interesting bodice. Short or 3/4 sleeves too. I think that will be the best way to show off two of the really big prints. And use all six yards of fabric.

Big thanks to Angela who let me know that yesterday’s headwrap is called a ‘gele’. She also has a new blog where she utilizes ethnic prints and vintage designs.

Nancy W. tells me that the podcast doesn’t download. She’s right. You have to go to the podbean site and subscribe to it through iTunes (down on the bottom right). That will let it download to your computer so you can listen to it on your ipod.

I have a big party in three weeks so my sewing is going to be (well, needs to be) limited as I get the house ready. There were two suggestions for a comparison of NY and LA fabric shopping. So, I’ll be writing that up in the meantime.

Thanks for the handbag links. I’m off to sew that today on the industrial!


Remember me?

Gentle Readers,

Thank you for the lovely and funny comments on yesterday’s post. I just want to clarify that I know some colors don’t work on some people. I’ve been lucky in what I work with. I *know* I’m not a designer, but I can pick the right color for me. Which probably precludes me from even being a stylist some day, lol.
You know, I had been feeling pretty unproductive the last month and now I know why! I had about three UFOs stashed away waiting for their debut.

Good grief! How long did this shirt take me to make?

For this iteration, I used a gray, black, red and white striped shirting from Metro Textiles. The buttons are the $.90 for 10 from Joann. I tried different interfacings on this one too. For the button placket I used a knit fusible from Joann and Shirt Tailor for the collar and cuffs. Shirt tailor is super stiff. But, I wanted it like that.

Muslin first, finished garment second

Thank you all for your help on the fit. At the end, here’s what I did:

  • narrow shoulder adjustment
  • added an inch to the bicep
  • rounded shoulder adjustment
  • swayback adjustment
  • added 1/2 inch across the upper back

Muslin first, finished garment second

It’s far more comfortable now and doesn’t feel restrictive. Marji made a good point when she asked me the last time I wore a woven blouse without any stretch. I’d say about 1990. There is something in that kind of fit to get used to.

Mimi was right in that my upper back is probably more developed from yoga and swimming than I realized. Once she pointed that out, those back measurements made more sense.

Also, I like my cuffs wider so they will slide up my forearm further when I stretch. Widening that helped me feel less restricted too.

Oh, the buttonholes on the pattern are a little over two inces long. My new Kenmore doesn’t make them that long automatically. So, I just made the largest buttonhole it could.

I did manage to sew up one buttoned cuff the wrong way. But, no one but you and I are going to know that.

This is a great pattern. I love, love, love the double cuffs. I love the long buttonholes. I love everything about it. But, I’m sick of sewing it! I was going to work on another blouse. But, I am taking a woven blouse break.