Philadelphia Dreaming

Well, I’m back from the City of Brotherly Love. I love that Baltimore is within an hour of two bigger cities (DC and Philadelphia).

We trekked there yesterday for our French basics class. I cannot believe how incredibly easy French bread is.

That night we went out to see a play and headed to a nearby lounge.

So, I’m home now and trying to sort out what to work on. I can’t be the only one who is immobilized at times trying to figure out what to make next. Last weekend, I went through my patterns and my stash and came up with over 20 projects I wanted to make!! And that’s just the spring / summer clothes.

But, I think I’m going to make pants next. How did I arrive at pants?

I knocked out the dresses because they are summer dresses and couldn’t be worn for a couple months and I need clothes NOW. Jeans were knocked out because they can’t be worn to work and I need ‘it’s still cool outside’ work clothes. I liked the blouses, but I don’t have bottoms to wear with them…. so, that leaves me with pants. There were three on my list and I went with the one that bridges winter and spring.

Which makes me wonder, how do you decide what you’re making next?

So, last weekend I traced and cut a muslin for a pair of pants. BWOF 9-2007-115. The fit in front is pretty good. And with Sigrid’s tutorial, I at least understood the pockets.

I just need to take out about 2 inches for a sway back adjustment (no photo because this muslin is thin and this is still a family blog). Pretty good for me. I’m dreaming of them in a plaid like the model below.

But, I’m making it up in a dark khaki from A Fabric Place. I don’t need the stress of matching plaids on top of a fly front and those side yokes. But, I sure do *love* plaid pants.

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