Let’s pretend it’s summer

This weekend I decided it was high time I had a ‘summer date’ dress. You know the dress. The kind you put on to listen to concerts in the park or you wear to a night time BBQ. Not that I actually *do* any of those things. But, should the opportunity arise, I want to be dressed for it. #120 from the July 2007 BWOF fit the bill.

It’s unusual for me to show the typical BWOF cleavage. Now, mom, before you suggest I pin it close, I actually kind of like it. Looking at these photos, it is a little much. And I’m showing you the more modest angles. I even checked with my gays across the street (Randy+Dan = Dandy) and they said I needed to close it up a bit. While I’m not wearing it to work, I need to do some tacking or add a modesty panel.

I mixed two prints from Ghana for this dress. This interesting one with the Asian style lions is the bodice and the bottom is a temple style column. I skipped the skirt lining on this because slips don’t bother me and I didn’t have a dark batiste at home. I also added about 10 inches to the length to make it a maxi dress.

I think the fabric was $5 a yard. As far as I know, GTP isn’t exported to the US. But, some African nationals buy it and re-sell in the US.

And finally, I’m wearing these boots I got in Israel over the summer. We were leaving out of Tel Aviv and stopped at the mall for dinner. While everyone got their last taste of Kosher McDonalds, I ran into the shoe store and bought three pairs of boots in less than an hour. They barely fit in my suitcase. And my co-workers who were heading back home refused to carry any back for me. So, I carted all three pairs over to Egypt for another three days. In fact, I wore a pair the entire time I was in 105 degree Egypt since my sandals took up less luggage space. Guess who’s laughing now?

I think I love my serger Part 3: The Blind Hem Foot

Ever since Christina at Assorted Notions sent me a link to Style.com pointing out that African and ethnic prints would be huge this year, I’ve been itching to cut into some of my Ghana wax prints.

So, with 39 degree temps and wind strong enough to whip off my grill over, I made a summer dress from the July 2007 BWOF.

#120, July 2007 Burda World of Fashion Magazine

For this dress, I skipped the lining and decided to try out the blind hem foot for my serger and put in bra cups. There’s a first time for everything, right?

So, first, the bra cups. I used a ‘deep plunge bikini’ for this dress, because, um, well, it’s got a deep plunge. Once pinned in place, I used a zig zag to secure the cups and attached the lower band to the hem allowance between the bodice and skirt.

Blind Hem Attachment for my serger

I’m ambivalent about the blind hem. First, you press up your hem allowance. Then, you create the ‘blind hem fold’. But rather than put it in your sewing machine, the serger attachment finishes off the raw edge. I’m doing a horrible job explaining this. Perhaps we should just take a look at how it comes out:

right side

wrong side

It looks like I’ve added a decorative band. Nothing wrong with that. But, not what I would call a blind hem. For this, it works out fine because the dress is long. It was superfast and very easy to do. Now, I just need to tackle a blind hem on my regular sewing machine.

I’ll take photos of the dress on this week. I’m really into maxi dresses this year. This will likely not be the last one.

Ahh, and I have finished the double-cuff blouse! I’ll take photos later this week too. But, in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview. There are no words for how much I love this color combination.

If you get a chance, take a look at the version Ann Rowley made. I am really feeling her classic styling.