I wish yoga class was as easy

I’m not sure, but I believe that I could be a trendsetter. I think these pants are the color Pantone has chosen as the color for 2008.

I finished my yoga pants! These took less than one hour to actually construct. Include the cutting and tracing time, *maybe* two hours. They are so simple. And with the knit I had, I didn’t even bother serging the insides. Quite frankly, I’m not sure I even pressed as I went.

A couple of points if you are considering making these from the November 2007 BWOF (these are #122). First, if you usually need to make a sway back adjustment, these are no different even though they are knit. I made a one inch adjustment in the back and a one inch adjustment in the fold-over waistband.

Second, I made a 38 — my usual size and graded to a 40 at the thigh. If you want a snug fit, you’ll want to size down. They are a bit more wide legged then they appear in the line drawing. I love that, but you may not.

I should say when I last went to yoga two weeks ago, I was DYING. It was super hard and I was miserable for 90 long painful hot, hot yoga minutes. Yoga hard. Yoga pants easy.

Oh, Victoria’s Secret has a similar style for $29. Mine, $12.

Tracing really isn’t that bad

Thank you for the compliments on this weekend’s knit jumper! Party was a lot of fun and the dress was very warm and comfy.

I now realize my goal in life is to turn new people on to Burda World of Fashion. It’s a mighty task that the sewing gods have entrusted me with, but I feel that I am up for it and must rise to the challenge. Why? Because the more you sewists get addicted to BWOF, the less likely it will ever go out of production (unlike Blueprint Magazine which Christina let me know last week was ceasing production. I swear Martha Stewart wants me to fight her.)

There are two things that seem to turn people off the Burda World of Fashion. The first is the sparse directions and the second is having to trace out the pattern. A good book will help you with the first, but I thought I could show you one of methods I use to trace and add seam allowances.

Over the years I’ve picked up two handy tools. One is this Clover double tracing wheel. I’ve seen it as cheap as $4. The second is a vintage Traum Tracing Wheel (with Seam Guide). *** ETA: When I posted this eBay link there were five Traums for less than $5. It seems that only the $20 one is now available. Hold out for the less expensive one! The first was a Joann purchase, the second came free — stuffed in my sewing machine table!

First, trace your pattern size. I have two traced here because I want to blend the 38 and 40 at the thigh.

Now, I’ll show you how I use the Clover double tracing wheel. After you trace your pattern, pin the pattern to your fabric. Then, follow the seam line with your double tracing wheel. The wheel will put a nicely dotted line along the pattern paper — delivering an easy to follow cutting line. Now, the wheel is adjustable by 1/4 increments. So, the natural seam allowances are 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch. But, I found that a slight bend to one wheel and it easily makes a perfect 5/8 seam allowance.

The second one (comes with an orange or pink handle, in case you are interested) has two lines. One is 1/2 inch the second is 5/8 inch. It’s not quite as accurate or easy to handle as the Clover, but it works well. And, it leaves a ‘stronger’ marking. It was originally intended to mark the seam line on patterns when they weren’t printed.

I know there is a rotary cutter with a seam guide available. But, I still cut with scissors. I just kind of like the way it feels. I will use a rotary cutter for knits sometimes.

This little project is a pair of yoga pants from the November BWOF in an icy pale blue stretch velour (the fabric on the left). I’m not really a Juicy kind of girl, but I fell in love with the color. I might make a matching top over Christmas. We’ll see how I feel about the pants!

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