Trickle Down Economics

Today was supposed to be my first day of class. Instead, I was greeted with this sign on the department head’s door:

random dress form at school

Due to budget cuts from the State, the following classes have been canceled or delayed by three weeks:

Luckily, mine was just delayed and not canceled. But, still disappointing. I did meet with the instructor and got the old 15 week vs 12 week syllabus to review. She also went over how the class will work.

We’ll be using a 1/2 scale sloper. Using this sloper we’ll draft to fit the 1/2 size dress form.


1/2 scale dress form

1/2 scale dress form

They have about six 1/2 size¬†dress forms. The beginning of each class will be lecture — leaving an hour or two for ‘lab’ where she’ll work with us on our designs.

Butterick Sloper

Butterick Sloper

Half-way through the semester, we’ll use Butterick 5746 to create a sloper with our personal measurements. This will become our full-sized slopers for ourselves. Using that, we will draft either a dress, blouse or skirt as our final project (no knits or evening wear / silky fabrics).

Pants are the only patterns we will draft completely from scratch. That, is due in May.

20 percent of our grade comes from each of these

  • Basic Sloper Set 1/2 scale
  • Pant Pattern full scale
  • Dress – full scale pattern
  • Final Project (original design garment)
  • Class work, homework, quizzes and holy crap a FASHION SHOW!

So, I’ll spend the next three weeks gathering supplies (I’m off to a good start thanks to AJ!). I will say I’m buying cheap plastic curves for now because I have dreams of this gorgeous wood set that Els showed on the Sewing Divas.

It was all made better when I came home to a long dreamed about fabric.


Ahhhhh. Thanks to Carolyn who tipped me off over the weeked to this faux leather/shearling at Fabricmart for an OBSCENE $6.00 a yard (Sorry. It’s no longer on the website).¬† I am already dreaming of prancing into work this spring in the Hot Patterns Portobello Shearling Coat. When I say long-awaited fabric find, I’m not kidding. I’ve wanted this pattern for going on three years and bought it last year for fear it would be discontinued before I could find the right fabric at the right price.

Fabric Around the World

For once, I showed some fabric shopping restraint. Between travel time and work, I really only had about two hours in Cairo to seek out the world famous Egyptian cotton. While I was making my way down to the Wikalit al -banah market where I had seen stalls upon stalls of fabric to be had, I stumbled across this:

Yeah, that’s right, a Burda fabric store!! It was a few streets away from my hotel. It was a thrill to buy some gorgeous wools at $5 a yard! So, I got just three pieces and called it a day for my fabric shopping.

After this little purchase (pink/grey herringbone, slate blue windowpane plaid and a coordinating solid blue), I decided to skip the market.

Shay, I didn’t make it out to Na Cha lot /Benyamin St in Tel Aviv. My flight was moved up several hours and there just wasn’t enough time after flying back into Israel from Cairo :(

Between the three pairs (yeah, that’s right, three) of boots I bought in Israel and other clothes from Egypt, I honestly didn’t have any more space in my luggage.

On another note, did you know that Arabic numbers are different than our Latin based figures? I had to go shopping with a cheat sheet to figure out what things cost!


I came home last night from work at 9:00 (grrrr) and pre-treated fabric. Honestly, fabric is better than yoga.

I reread Dawn’s posting on Beginning Silk to prep my self for the pre treating.

1. Stretch silk for the Neue Mode (R.I.P) $300 AKA New York dress knock off from Metro Textiles. Loses some luster but retains its shape and hand during handwash and gentle machine wash. Any thoughts? Is the loss of luster too subtle to care?

2. (below) Silk tweed from FabricMart. Looks good. Maybe a little… nubby? I bought enough for pants and to eek out a vest. I was inspired recently.

3. (above) Free bundle from FabricMart had a white stretch linen. I’m giddy over this. I want a pair of white pants so bad! Held up fine in super hot wash. C’mon. Am I really going to make white pants that I can’t throw in the washing machine?

4. Two delicious Anna Sui silks. The main reason I ordered in the first place. One of them is actually the foundation of my Burda mini-wardrobe this spring.

I’m scared to death to work with the silks as they will need underlining to be wearable. But, I have one RTW silk dress that I compliments on all the time. Time to replicate the look.

Tomorrow, or Saturday or quite frankly maybe when I’m back in town, a 15 lbs delivery.

Hidden Agenda

I and a co-worker had to go to DC this afternoon for work. I quickly offered to drive. Since it was rush hour it was going to take us a hour and a half to get there. So he was thrilled it would be me behind the wheel. What he later realized is that if I drove, we were stopping at G Street Fabric. For a 23 year old kid, he was very patient and I was in and out in 20 minutes.

I picked up some khaki stretch twill, a wool hounds tooth and another wool plaid. I guess I’m thinking of fall clothes already.

Linky Link

Yeah, I’m still not sewing. No time and I leave for the beach tomorrow after work. I’ve fitted and staystitched the waist of BWOF 6-2007-123 but that’s it.

My lack of sewing hasn’t stopped me from browsing though. This showed up on the Domino blog yesterday. It’s from

Familiar? It reminded me of Gorgeous Things’ coral chainlink.

Feeling a wee bit like a teacher’s pet, I emailed it to Ann and she asked what I wanted to make with it.

It’s from the May 2007 BWOF. I really saw this in denim originally, but this would be very very cute. And not in denim I could wear it to work.

I’m not saying I’m getting the fabric, but I’m definitely thinking about it.

On Principle

The sewing ban gave me a great opportunity to go through the stash and start some pre-treatment. I likely won’t do anything with this flannel until the fall / winter.

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I found it at Joann’s this year on sale for just $2 a yard. At the time I was on a fabric moratorium. But, on principle, I buy anything ‘cute’ with little black girls.

I mean c’mon. They are jumping rope and playing hopscotch. They have little cornrows and afro puffs. Afro. Puffs. I had to buy it. They were practically giving it away.

So my shoes are back in my closet and I can actually see my kitchen countertop! Thanks for all the gentle nudging (Dawn, Sharon and Narcissaqtpie). And a special thanks to Nancy for her New Math.

Garment Center Congregation

There’s a synagouge in the middle of New York’s Garment District called, “Garment Center Congregation.” It’s probably been there for years and I didn’t notice until now since I work for a Jewish organization. Can I convert just to attend? Love that name.

Here’s the conversation I need to have with my priest. Except, I’m not Catholic.

Me: Bless me father, for I have sinned.
Father: How long since your last fabric binge my child?
Me: Well, father, a year and a half ago. In the garment district.
Father: My child, what hast thou done?
Me: Well, see what happened was…..

Here’s the deal. Julia, fabric conscience, and I agreed to spend one amount, and I went over that by 100 percent.

I went to Stretch World, Spandex House and Metro Textiles (thanks Ann). I got 5 yards of navy blue eyelet, 6 yards and 2 yards of two shades of seersucker, 1 yard stretch satin, 5 yards and 3 yards of two one way stretch matte jerseys, 2 yards each of two striped jerserys, 6 yards of one solid cotton jersey and 2 yards of a stretch plaid. For once though, I know exactly what I want to make with everything.

I CANNOT buy ANYTHING more until the fall. Seriously. I must be stopped. I am not kidding you when I say I am addicted to fabric.

I honestly get a high from buying fabric. My mind starts to burst BURST with the possibilities.

I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight.