What now?? (Non Sewing Yard Work Vent)

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Of great annoyance to me is this hideous brown spot in the middle of my yard. I accept full responsibliy in that I’ve watered it twice in the past month and had been parking out back so didn’t notice how bad it had gotten. I’ve taken to drenching it hoping that it will green up. Now, I’m afraid to mow because I don’t want to kill off what’s already there. I’m giving it two more weeks before I call in for help.

When did I become ‘that house’?


I wasn’t going to let myself sew today until I took care of the Amazon forest that has become my front yard. But, it rained last night and I certainly can’t mow the lawn when it’s wet. Right? Right?

All that’s left on McCall 5314 is attaching the bodice and skirt. I’m hoping to finish this dress today and start sewing the BWOF 9-2003-134. I got it cut out Thursday night. No muslin (it might be too slim in the lower thigh but that’s what control top pantyhose are for).

My mom is a full bird Colonel in the Army and retiring in a big ceremony in two weeks. I think this is the kind of dress that will stand the test of time in photos. Unlike my too thin eyebrows in the above photo from her last promotion ceremony.