Gossip Girl and Betty Paige

So, I’m not a watcher of Gossip Girl. Despite having all of season 1 on Tivo, I never bothered to watch or get in to it. Yet, I’ve seen the actors popping up everywhere. This week, an actress made US Weekly’s Star Style wearing a Bettie Paige ‘Captain’ dress. Available at Blue Vintage, the dress retails for $136. Really, not that pricey in the grand scheme of things.

While I think it’s sweet, it’s not a look for me or practical for my life. But, for kicks, it’s an adorable look. I chuckled when I saw this dress, because it reminded me of #136 from the April 2004 BWOF.

04-2004-136 BWOF

The looks are so similar, and you could even modify if it a bit by doubling the bib, closing the slits and adding a kick pleat in the back. Hmm, who knows. Maybe this will be a RTW Knockoff for me next year.

Dude, I think I can make this

I once commented to my friend of the polka dot skirt that she owns all the clothes I wish I could buy. And it’s true. She’s has amazing quality taste.

Here’s another one I took a photo of this weekend.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I don’t know what it cost, but I’m sure it would require the sale of a vital organ for me to own it. The color is just a buttery and delicious silk (why all these food references for fabric?). Lovely satin lining. The hem has a crochet border sticthed on.

But, it’s also a small vs her usual extra small. If I ace bandage my upper body, it just might fit.

I’m not great at finding patterns that match up with things I want to make. I just don’t have the eye. And please don’t go out of your way to help me out, because I have a back log of projects anyway. But, if you have seen a pattern that could easily be turned in to this. By all means, tell me.

I’ll even learn how to crochet.

** 10 minutes later addendum

So, I found it online. I don’t know if this model could be less attractive, look more petulant or make the dress look more schlumpy.

AKA New York Smock Dress. Retail $360

Photos are from ShopBop.com

A $300 skirt

I was with my BFF last year when she bought this amazing silk skirt. There is some debate as to the cost. I feel it was $300. She thinks more than $200 but less than $300. No matter, at the end of the day I say it’s a car payment.

I have lusted passionately for this skirt. She, a kind and generous woman, would loan it to me. But, she is also a size 0.

But, there is now hope for me. Gorgeous Things/Gorgeous Fabrics put this out a few weeks ago. I kid you not when I say I squealed like Bobby Hill when I saw it online.

SCH364 – Multi Dots Silk Chiffon – Ivory/Multi

I haven’t bought it yet because it’s still $16 a yard and I’d want to punch myself in the face if I messed it up.

Since BFF and I are now on our third place of employment together (long story) I don’t want to make it as a skirt. But, I think it it would be fantastic as Simplicity 3867 (seen here on the cover of Sew Stylish). This way, I only need 1.5 yards of fabric for the top.

I tried to buy the pattern last weekend during the Simplicity sale at Joann and they were sold out. Infidels I tell you.

BTW, did anyone see the King of Hill where Bobby uses Peggy’s sewing machine to make jeans for Hank and Peggy says, “On my machine? My machine can’t sew that straight!” Cracks me up everytime.

Anthropologie Seersucker Pants

Seersucker is for summer. I like the whole “Great Gatsby” feel of them. What makes me really happy is when it’s modernized with an interesting pattern.

The Anthroplogie catalouge also came in last night. I love Anthropologie. But, I generally cannot afford them. I kind of think the money is worth it because I like thier design element. But, it’s just not in my budget. That, and thier stuff does not fit me paticularly well.

Have a look at these $88 ‘whale watching’ seersucker pants. I have two shades of seersucker waiting to get made into something.

These pants look an awful lot like Vogue 8131.

My only concern is that the very talented Erica B. seems to be the only one to make them work on PR.

Sewing on my mind

Don’t you hate it when you can’t sleep through the night? So what do I do, I start thinking about sewing and get online.

It’s fair to say I am 100 percent in love with this dress. It’s up on the Burda WOF May #115. I’m thinking of it in a denim with lots of top stitching.

I’m definitely going to need some new suits at the j-o-b. I would love to use this seersucker from this month’s New York adventure.

Here’s the 2003 Burda, I love the waistband, the back skirt treatment and the hidden buttons. This of course would bump me in to the three dot range:
This is from the April BWOF. Also a three dotter. I think the piped pockets are making it a little more advanced.

I wish I lived in a less conservative town and could wear this skirt to work. BWOF Spring / Summer 2007. My German intern from last year is on speed dial to translate when I can get around to this edition. Love that kid.

There’s also great article on Slate about retro fashions, American Apparel and if they are the new Gap. I also read a fairly old one on whether or not Michael Kors is a great designer.