Montreal Bound. Let’s Have Drinks.

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We’re getting ready to leave for Montreal via Amtrak. And, by getting ready I mean trying to sew a new tee shirt to take with me, doing laundry, waxing my eyebrows and generally going crazy. Jordan on the other hand had decided he’s staying up all night and not stressed. I thought a train through the US into Canada would be so romantic and continental. Except, our train out of Baltimore departs at 4 am. So, I’m just feeling tired and very American.

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I was last in Montreal in 2010 with my mom, Aunt Judy and Trena for PR Weekend. It was like a family vacation. My mom was always game for a trip. Also, looking through my photos from last time, I think I actually sewed most of my fabric from the trip!!! And by most I mean some. Don’t judge.

So, if you’re in Montreal and interested in getting cocktails Monday the 29th, leave a message here or send me an email. I’ve poked and prodded Vicki (Another Sewing Scientist) and Heather (Closet Case Files) to take me out. I think the plan is have a little somethin’ somethin’ at Huis Clos on St. Denis. I’m not sure of the time, but likely after work hours.

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Finally, Here’s a list of all the things I will eat next week.

  1. Poutine. Daily.
  2. Maple syrup on all the things
  3. Fresh strawberries from the market with glasses of champagne
  4. Croissant with coffee every day
  5. Baugettes perched delicately in my bicycle basket

The FINAL Montreal Post

I have returned from Montreal! After a week of travel together, Trena and I remain friends! I will travel with my mom and aunt again! So, overall, a success. Sadly, I forgot my camera on Friday so I have no photos of the Jalie Patterns demo. It was so so cool. I had the pleasure of meeting Emilie in Portland last year (time flies!). This time, she bought her incredibly chic and charming mom Jeanne with her. You may have gathered I’m not an ‘easy knits’ girl. But, I am so excited for their new dress and swimsuit patterns that are coming out in the next collection. Yes, DRESS! In the meantime, I can’t wait to take a crack at this #2796 running skirt.

It’ll be great for biking and general working out. I hate wearing shorts. They do nothing for me. But, I will rock a mini in a heartbeat!

And Saturday I was so busy buying fabric that I only managed to eek out this one photograph. The fabric above will be a dress someday. I bought so much, that I had to split the haul with the Colonel. I sent her back to Tampa with several sweater knits that I know I won’t be working with this summer. I’m also not posting my  ‘boring’ solid fabric that wicks away sweat. Let’s look at the fun stuff!

Between the fabric and maple syrup I was dangerously close to being over my weight limit. And, there was no way my suitcase was gonna close. So, my mom took half the fabric and I’ll get it back
from her when I visit this October / November. So, when I do get it back, it’ll all still be new to me!

What I got really excited about were the 31 zippers I bought at 75 cents each! I hate running out of run-of-the-mill notions. And with just about every color imaginable and at such a good price I figured I would stock up.

Now, what I am super excited about is this. It’s reflective, stretch, trim. Perfect for piping athletic gear! I’ve had much of the same workout clothing for almost 10 years. Well, it gets worn so infrequently it wasn’t a problem. But, I’d like some updated pieces with better fit so I was in an athletic frame of mind. I like the shopping in Montreal! I found it to have a great selection of athletic stuff as I think overall they have more outdoor / cold weather sports going.

Also of interest, my mom brought me (via my grandmother) a bottle of vanilla extract from Grenada! $4 USD for 650 ml. That’s 22 OUNCES! This, made up for one of those epic mother-daughter fights that you can only have on vacation while sharing a 9 sq meter  / 96 sq ft room.

This, was a GREAT week. Despite the most mortifying moment of my life (I slipped at dinner in front of *everyone* Saturday and fell to the ground in an epic wipeout dropping / shattering my dinner plate) I heart Montreal. And, I have put Toronto and Ottawa on my short list of new cities to visit soon. I can’t thank the fabulous volunteer organizers enough for putting this together! THANK YOU!!

My ‘Texas Tuxedo’

Today is my last ‘vacation’ day in Montreal. The fabulous women of PR are arriving. In fact, I just saw Connie in the lobby.

I bought eight cans of maple syrup to bring home today. 13 lbs in fact. I didn’t want to walk them from the metro back to the University of Montreal, so I rented the Bixi bike and pedaled past my mom and Aunt Judy.

Travel wardobe today. This is a two year old Patrones skirt. It’s sadly only the second time I’ve worn it. It’s such a cute skirt. But, it really needs a white denim / twill blazer for it to be ‘nice’ enough for work. And, as mentioned, I have NO separates. I tossed it in with the H&M brown shirt on a whim. I look like an Andes Mint. A color scheme I kind of love. Oh, and mom is in my pants, my jacket and a hat I bought for her. I think I *am* my mom’s stylist. Oh, wait. She’s even got my bag.

Umm, I love that my first name sounds so much better in French than in English. And, is everywhere. It’s obscured, but the sign says ‘Le Belle Renee’. (taken yesterday wearing BWOF 2-2009-118). Trena, who is from Texas, says I’m in a ‘Texas Tuxedo’ because I’m wearing jeans with a denim jacket. LOL. Love that.

Riding Stink

** title does not refer to this ride :)

Are all bike tour guides hot?? Because, mine today was smokin’.

Sadly, my photo is not good enough to do him justice. And, happily, he was also a fantastic guide through Montreal.

Unlike Miss 2x a  day at the gym, I don’t work out much lately. I have done a wee bit of riding the last two weekends with the Vegan and bought a bike off of Craigslist just before leaving town. But, I’m limited to flat, three-mile rides. My aunt is also not a biker. Yet, our guide Shea tailored the four-hour trip to our needs and it was marvelous!

There are bikes all over the place. It’s quite inspiring. There are dedicated bike lanes and rental bikes EVERYWHERE.

It’s just an entirely different way of thinking of transportation. I’ve lately been obsessed with the blog ‘Cycle Chic‘. I told the Vegan I was going to start riding my bike to work a few days a week  in my every day clothes, and I’d be  ‘Cycling Chic’. There are no showers at my office either.  He told me it’s too hot in Baltimore and I would in fact be ‘Riding Stink’.

Our first stop was for croissant. I also bought a long baguette to put in the basket of my bike to pretentiously pretend that I was French. Trena refused to take that photo.

Rode a little more and stopped coffees all around.

I do not know why my iced latte came with fruit. I think it was the universe telling me it’s not a ‘real’ coffee.

The ride continues through different neighborhoods which is a super fun way to orient yourself to the city. Shea was very knowledgeable and gave bits of history along the way.

Our late lunch was at the Atwater Market. I have a thing for outdoor markets. In a grocery desert like Baltimore, it’s farmer’s markets that most people get their food from. Corner stores are evil.

Local strawberries, more fruits, veggies, cheeses, fresh baked breads and more delicacies than I could count. And, the flower market was breathtaking. You could smell the flowers upon approach.

We finished with a ride along the canal. I’d like to take credit for the artistic shot, but it was suggested by our tour guide.

After five hours (I was slow) we finished! Fantastic Day Two in Montreal. Debating dinner. I promised myself poutine every night. But, I’d like to go home without a clogged artery.

And, as for what I’m wearing… Aunt Judy said I must really like this Burda dress from 1/2008 #118. I *do*. But, I have worn it at every single PR weekend and every single trip the last two years. I just don’t sew much casual clothing. I spend the most time at work or at work events. So, I sew for work. When I sew casual it feels like I’m wasting time. Plus, this dress travels well.

But, I did wear this Burda 2-2007-116 vest with jeans on the first day and to travel in. But, everything else you’ll see me in this week has been posted ad nauseam. I guess I have a standard travel wardrobe :)

Oh, Poutine!

After a few travel snafaus, Trena, my mom and aunt all arrived safe and sound in Montreal. I, made a beeline for poutine!

It tasted *just* as good as it did in high school — the one and only time I’ve been in Canada. Gravy, fries, cheese curds, ground beef.  Too bad my body can’t digest you like it did when I was 18. Heartburn. Totally worth it though.

Perhaps the delicious, frothy and refreshing cider I discovered didn’t help. This, I would like to bring home. Including the adorable matching glass.

So, I’m going to try and blog a little from Montreal! I bought a netbook last week because of this and several other trip. Much easier to do work from this instead of my Blackberry?

You can’t be surprised that it’s pink, LOL! Tomorrow, bicycle tour of the city!