Kid’s Pajamas / Pyjamas

I’m home from work today because of the ‘frankenstorm’ called Hurricane Sandy. That gave me some extra time to finish the children’s pajamas (made from a 10/2006 and 12/2007 Burda). But, with Joann fabric closed, I couldn’t go back for another yard of material to fix the back of the sleepers before the mom needs them. I emailed her and explained and she was pretty gracious.


Let me be clear. If these were for me, I couldn’t care less. But, when you are making for other people, you want it to look as nice or better than what one could get from a store. Thank you for the sympathy and the laughs in your comments.

As I mentioned, my friend is surprising her kids with a trip to Disney. I think they are aged 10, 5 and 8 months.


Sigh. Again, these things happen! I’ll ask for a photo with them on. But, she may not be a fan of her children on social media.

Overall, these were super easy (other than the operator error and being short on material). I remember now why these are such a great beginner project.

I haven’t been to Disney World in 25 years. Maybe I should suggest that the next time I visit my parents in Tampa.

As for the storm. My only real fear is my basement flooding ¬†(edited to add: Crap. Basement is flooding. I’m glad I moved my fabric! I bought a Wet Vac last year for Hurricane Irene and there wasn’t a drop of water in the basement. As long as I have power, I’ll keep it dry. I vaguely regret not getting the free sandbags the City was giving away). I ¬†have a gas stove and gas heat / water heater if I were to lose power. But, a flooding basement is a colossal PITA. I moved my fabric to higher ground and charged my e-reader. I’m set.

Linus on the other hand. We had a walk this morning that was more of me dragging him along for 20 mins in the cold and rain. He had no interest in doing his business (edited to add: Ummm, dog owners. I cannot make this dog ‘go’. It’s been 18 hours. And now I don’t want to go outside.) I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like when it snows…

Late night sewing

I finished the shorts that match the BWOF 12-2007-125 kimono pj top late last night. I had a major mess up with those (accidentally cut off the waistband — don’t ask) and called Carolyn in Jersey looking for ways to save it. And she helped me save it. Yay!! I don’t have a photo because I finished everything around midnight and took them to work for Anna today who leaves for Odessa tomorrow. She looooved them. At least she said she did!

Now, this one is for my intern. Yeah, that’s my pillow filling in for a dressform.

I adore this fabric. I picked it up at Joanns earlier this year for $2 a yard. Intern’s last day is next Tuesday so I’ll finish the matching shorts over the weekend.

I’m also cranking through a plum sweater knit (fabric a gift from Carolyn) version of this BWOF from September 2007. I want to wear it Saturday night for a holiday wine and cheese party.

Between this, a quilting lesson I’m giving on Sunday and a hat for my admin, that’s my sewing for the next week!

It’s better to give than to receive

I will not keep these incredibly adorable pajamas. It is better to give than to receive. I will not keep them. I’m going to give them to Anna at work. She will love them. I do not need pajamas. I can make another pair for myself. I do not want them. I don’t even like them really. They are not even my size. Kind of chintzy looking really. In fact, I heard they aren’t even that well made.

Sigh. I better give these to her soon….

** I goofed when tracing and cutting the back and somehow missed the upper portion around the neck. I ended up using some scrap red flannel and sewing it to the bottom half of the back fabric and recut the pattern. I bought the cherry blossom print last year and there was none to be had at Joanns on Sunday.

Christmas Sewing

ETA: Click on newspaper clip for story from Sun website
Hi Everyone!

Thank you again for the truly thoughtful things you had to say about my dress. Hearing such kind words from so many talented women makes me feel better about having to work today. Bah humbug.

In sewing news, I’ve decided to make Christmas gifts for some of my friends and employees. I just about finished a hat (Vogue 8309)for my administrative assistant when Lady Voldemort dropped by last night and asked if she could have the hat. It looked so cute on her I told her ‘yes’ and I’ll make up another for my admin. This version is made of an upholstery remnant I picked up last year. It’s also the same fabric as a UFO I’ve got tucked away.

click on photo above for story

Also, Sewl Sista #1 and my forehead I made an appearance in today’s Baltimore Sun (It was a baaad hair day. I had gone swimming that morning and was wearing a hat prior to entering the store. ugh). We met up at A Fabric Place on Falls Road here in Baltimore. The story is about platonic blind dates or friend dates.

Ok. I’m going to try and squeeze in 30 mins of sewing before I head off to work. I’m making two sets of the BWOF December 2007 pajamas for the girls in my office. One is heading home to Long Island next week and the other for Odessa, Ukraine on Wednesday. I’ve got to crank them out!