Black Pants

Here I am in the BWOF 5-2007-112 pants. They are made up from black on black seersucker. The lining is a pink poly/cotton batiste from Joann. They are really high waisted! Easily to my bellybutton. I did make the buttonhole in pink to try and infuse some interest in the pants.

I made a 1.5 inch full seat adjustment just to get the pant over my rear an in the vicinity of my waist. I went down to a 36 in the waist and up to a 42 through the leg. I, um, don’t think my rear is quite that pooky. I think there is some extra fabric there.

I did add 1.5 inch to the crotch point in the back. But, I think next time I will leave that off. They seem to have a little too much fabric under my bum.

I wore the outfit out tonight for my friend Sheryl’s birthday happy hour.

I have to say. These pants are so underwhelming. But, it’s fabulous to have a pair of pants that stay up at the waist and aren’t straining across my backside. I think with some tweaks these could become a good basic pattern. I really love the slope / flair.

Today, I pretty much got the first of the three skirts done. Since it’s mainly bias cut, it’s hanging now so the bias can drop. I’m planning on tackling the hem on Sunday or Monday.

Sewing Weekend Skirt Series

Reethi asked in the comments of my last post if I always dress up for work. The fact is, I’m actually usually on the underdressed side for my office. Suits are definitely the norm and I tend to err on the nice dress, heels and hose side. Which is partly why I’m obsessed with tailoring more of my garments and getting the hang of pants. Luckily, my boss is a bit of a fashion plate and summer is more casual so the dresses work out well.

I’m hoping that adding some coordinates to my closet will expand my range. A month ago, Sewing Diva Phyillis said she doesn’t buy anything if it doesn’t go with two other items in the closet. I’m taking on that mantra this year. I’m not making anything if it can’t go with two other items. Ok, I’ll start with one other item and work my way up to two because I gots no coordinates right now.
So, this weekend I want to make the following three skirts. Muslins will be made for two of the three. Still figuring out my Patrones fit. As I post the finished product, I’ll post the magazine and pattern numbers.

After the skirts, I want to make two white tops. I have the fabric, but I haven’t quite settled on which patterns yet. I’m hoping they will come to me tomorrow as I’m tracing and cutting.
The pants are done! Just need hemming and slipstitching of the zipper. They are so basic and devoid of any style details that you will be totally underwhelmed when I get around to taking a pic. But, they blessedly fit.

If you were planning on coming to the Wheaton Library on Saturday to see Trena and I, don’t. That lucky (expletive) is going back to Paris for work. Perhaps she’ll smuggle me back some French bread. We’re going to reschedule, just not sure when yet.


My friend Beery went to Spain last week and brought back not one but two Patrones magazines. She also got engaged while she was there. She was thoughtful enough to give me the magazines first and then show me her ring, lol! When I tried to pay her back and she said. “Don’t worry about it. They were on every newstand and were just a couple of Euros.” Just a couple of Euros?? On every newstand? Sigh. Clearly, I owe her a bottle of champagne.

The first is Fiesta Especial #266 which Tany specifically suggested I look for. Now, I know why. Below, are my favorites.

How pretty is this orange dress? I’m not sure what the crinkle fabric is called, but you can bet I’ll be looking for some this summer. Mama needs another formal and a cocktail dress before the year is over. You can actually see this dress on the Matilde Cano website.

Just click on her name, enter / entrar, catalgo, and alma de tango.  It’s there in the middle of the slideshow. Gorgeous.

I don’t like the keyhole of this Toypes dress, but I really love the style of the dress.

And the back is wonderful.

I love all the frothy layers of this wedding dress

She also found the Joven edition, #267. There were fewer things I was enthralled with in this edition.

But, I am 100 percent in love with this Gucci dress. But, I have nowhere to possibly wear it. But, I will lust in my heart for it. Actually, with another inch or too, it might work for a cocktail dress.

I think I owned this in 1983, but it was in terry cloth and I was eight years old.
Love the Chanel blouse, love the Prada mini skirt. I haven’t worn a mini skirt in about seven years because they are always too big in the waist. Maybe this summer will be my last mini skirt hurrah. 
This is very simple, but so elegant.

Ahh Patrones! If you want to see something truly beautiful and creative from Patrones, take a stroll over to Assorted Notions and see what Christina made with some fabric I sent her from Ghana. A-mazing.

Oh, and the directions for Patrones are no better than BWOF, and in Spanish. Which, I don’t read. Yet, the clothes can be a little more complicated.

She also picked up the April Burda in Spanish. Over the weekend, I’ll show you a comparison with the English version.

Pattern Review: Patrones 252 #9 Blouse

I wore my seersucker suit to work today and my boss commented that she liked it and asked where I got it. I said, “I made it.” She looked surprised, told me I was good and said, “You have time to sew?” And I said, in a very pointed manner, “Not anymore.” Laughter ensues.

At any rate, I’m done with the Patrones blouse. Thanks to a hint from Tany and Summerset, I cut off the original cuff and used 3/4 inch elastic to make a separate elastic cuff. I did it this way vs. a narrow channel on the sleeve because I still like the look of a cuff. Think scrunchy with the seam allowance intact. Once attached, I serged it to clean up the finish.

I left the button collar off because I kind of like the 80s collar-up look. Plus, collar closed I look like a mortician. Oh, and I only had six buttons….. Besides, black is soooo not my color when I don’t have some skin showing. I also used pale pink buttons to try and break up the black.

Overall, I’m pleased. The blouse looks much cuter in person than in the photos. Don’t judge it by the outfit combination. This photo shoot taught me that I need some white linen pants.

So this officially begins my Fall of the Blouse. It was the Summer of the Dress, now it’s Fall of the Blouse. It’ll probably become Winter of the Pant come November. I need a lot more coordinates! review here.

**Sorry for the not always great picture quality. Black is hard to photograph so some photos I lightened. Plus, it’s hard to take photos of a dark object against a light background. But, I have to make a pitch again for a camera for face recognition (mine). It occurred to me to turn it on halfway though the photo taking. Those are the photo where the black is far more true as is my skintone. It did a much better job of metering the light based on the darker parts of the photo. Ok. Science, geeky, photo rambling over.

Operator Error: Buttonholer

Thank you for all the helpful advice for my buttonholes. Driving back from my work event tonight, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I didn’t drop the feed dogs. Doh. Yep. Rookie mistake. My faithful buttonholer worked just fine once I did that. Sorry for the big pile of surly earlier.

Now, when will I stop trying to use buttons that don’t ‘match’ my outfits? Because I don’t think I look that great in black I thought I would dress the blouse up with some pale pink buttons. Yeah. Not so much. I don’t have any black or dark grey ones here and no time in the forseeable future to get to the fabric store. I also just finished off my black thread. It was all the failed buttonholes!

So far, I have two complaints about this blouse. The original photo has the sleeves at 3/4 length. On me, they are about an inch from my wrist. I think the sleeves need a vent which is not mentioned in the instructions. I’ve already serged and attached the cuff so I’m not about to rip that out now.

Also, there is no mention of interfacing the front facing. I did, but it’s not in the directions.

Well, I guess that’s it for the blouse for a few more weeks. I hope I’m not bored with it by the time I get back.

Gah. Buttonholes.

Below, I show my project on the floor. Yes, I hate that as much as you and I know it’s hard to tell what it looks like. But, let’s all remember what happened to my dressform….

Like a tummy tuck gone awry

Well, I’m nearly done with the Patrones blouse. But, I can’t make a stupid buttonhole to save my life. After making seven in one spot and ripping each and every one out, I’m taking a break. I imagine it’s something with the tension. Plus, the fabric has some stretch and keeps moving all over the place making uneven buttonholes. Maybe I’ll just use snaps instead. Stupid buttonholer.

At any rate, I think I’m going to use the pale pink buttons, but I do love the way the big red ones (a gift from NiceGirl) look. I dunno. Again, at this point I’d use a hot glue gun to close this shirt.

Gah. I have to be at work in a little bit. I’ll fool around with this later. Makes me wanna throw my machine out the window. Luckily, it’s about 30 pounds so I can’t. But, I will show you the labels I’ve been using the past few years.

I forget to put these on clothes more often than I remember to add them. But, I remembered during the collar construction. They are from R. Draper & Co Apparel Labels in Australia. They ship to the US at reasonable rates.

Up Next: Patrones #252, Sportmax Blouse

I’m trying out my first Patrones. It’s this Sportmax blouse from the Spring January 2007 (#252) edition. At least I think Enero means Spring. I asked Tany a bunch of questions and NiceGirl worked up the translation for me.

Last night I traced and cut out the pattern. The only thing I didn’t like is that I fall in the ‘in between’ size. Patrones is a Spanish magazine in which patterns come in 40, 44, and 48. I’m a 42 (at least I think I am based on what Tany cuts). So I had to draw in between the size. That wasn’t too bad, but I detested drawing in between darts. I can’t even draw stick figures!

I’m making this up in black. Not that I look good in black, but it was in the stash and this is an experimnent of sorts. For those curious about Patrones, I’m posting the line drawing and the directions below.

I’ll let you know how it goes….