Review: Simplicity 4237

I don’t think there is a seam here that wasn’t ripped out and sewn back up on Simplicity 4237. User error overload! I lost the directions before I even made the muslin so I flew solo on these pants. And that’s fine because they are easy. Now, I know there are some wrinkles across the front. And I swear to you, it’s because I sat around in them to play on the computer. Fresh from under the iron, there are no wrinkles.

I have to say I looooove these pants. They are comfortable, they fit, no gaping in the back, love the pockets on them, love the length, love the width. Love it. Love it. Love it. Did you hear that Anthropologie? You can keep your $88 Whale Watcher Trousers!!

But look at what I had to mess up to get here….

1. Understitched the wrong side of the yoke
2. Sewed trouser fronts together vs a front and back together
3. Put the lining facing the wrong way
4. Realized lining went in the wrong way because one pant leg was finished on the right side, one on the wrong side.
5. Used bias to finish the yoke like RTW, except put it on the wrong side on the yoke
5. Put a serger hole in the lining while finishing

I will be wearing these tomorrow and like that I will sit down and my panties won’t show. I will stand up and it will be a good fit that keeps my pants close to my body rather than cinching of my belt within an inch of its life.

Alright, I am off to do an accounting of the haul from this morning’s Joann sale. Oh, one final thought. Seersucker still needs ironing! I had a photo with the matching jacket, but it needed ironing after spending the last two days laying around on my sofa.

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Taking in the waist

As I like to extol, I don’t really know how to do alterations. But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. The back yoke on the bottom is the original. I marked an inch off the back and graded to the hipline. The diagonal purple line is the new seam line.

Because of the taper, the top of the yoke was now going to dip. So I added about a 1/4 inch to the very top. If you look at the first pattern piece, you can see in the left hand upper corner that little addition.

How do I know all this? Look at the darts in your pants and tops. You’ll see that they have a little extra on top. So, between some educated guess work (and cutting out a second muslin yoke) I sorted it out.

Hope that all works out, eh?

Pants, a Muslin Story

I’ve worked up a muslin of Simplicity 4237. I thought I was going to add a fly front and just backed off. I need to learn to do them correctly and altering a pant to include them isn’t the right time to learn. But, after Nancy sent me directions on how to, I did decide I should just own Power Sewing. How did we function before the internet?

I’ve got to take an inch off the back waist, cuz I’ve gots the booty.

The front’s not bad. A few wrinkles that I suspect I won’t notice or care about once it’s in a fashion fabric and I haven’t been running around the house in them. I did scoop out the crotch a little for come added length in there.

I’m going to try and get the pants, lining and back pockets cut out tonight. I’m off work Tuesday and Wednesday so plenty of time to put it all together.

It’s a conspiracy

I called a Sewing Place last Friday to get the correct Neue Mode I ordered sent to me. They were helpful and gracious and quite apologetic. But, they let me know my pattern was backordered for TWO WEEKS!!! So AKA New York dress will have to wait a little longer.

It’s probably for the best. I went to Anthropologie Sunday and tried on the Whale Watching Trousers per Christinia‘s suggestion.

I’m happy to report that they are fabulous in pretty much every way. But, there was major gapage between my waist and rear in the six and the four was too small. So, I wouldn’t have bought them anyway. Oh, the Anhropologie pairs’ fabric is much softer than what I have and was lined in white cotton batiste.

Last week Amy suggested I use Simplicity 4237 to make a similar pair vs the Vogue 8131. The Vogue has been sold out the last two pattern sales at Joann’s. But, I actually had 4237 in the stash.

Image from

So, my plan is to muslin the Simplicity, View E next week. I’ll need to add about six inches to the length as these are gauchos. There are no pockets in the Simplicity (Vouge had slant pockets).

The Anthropologie pants have front curved pockets and back flap pockets (click on zoom additional views to see them) that come out from the waistband — I don’t think I’m describing that right. Both the front and back pockets are trimmed out in bias cut fabric.

The Anthropologie pants have a fly in the front. The Vouge pants have a mock fly. But, I’m trying to get the look of wide leg seersucker trousers. So, I don’t mind the side zip from the Simplicity. Besides, the sailor style orientation of the buttons are very cute to me.

I thought the little pocket flaps didn’t really look good on my behind. So I’ll either make larger ones or skip them. I need to at least figure out how to make them! Hmmm, or do faux pockets…