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Pattern Review: BWOF Pleated Front Dress

In general I’m happy with the dress. It’s a little Talbots for me, but I love the eyelet and I love the pleats on the front. But, I think my alterations made it look a little ‘young’. I just want to give another big thanks to Dawn and Debbie who walked me through my sloped shoulder alteration.

I’m going to make up the shirt version this fall. And I definitely want to make this up sleeveless.

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** Also, sorry if my photos, etc are not lined up very well. I post at home from a MAC and it looks entirely different on my work PC. Not sure if it’s the difference in computer screens or resolutions.

24 thoughts on “Pattern Review: BWOF Pleated Front Dress

  1. I think the dress looks great! I love the embroidery on the skirt and the tucks on the bodice. g

  2. Love it Cidell !!! The colour, fabric choice and style make this very trendy.

  3. I love, love love this dress. I have already purchased fabric and trim to make the blouse version, but am trying to finish the “swap” first.

  4. Wow, you’ve really done a great job with this. I love the style, the fabric, the color, and the fit on you. the shoulders are fantastic!

    I’m so glad it’s short sleeved. I don’t know why I thougth it’d be long sleeves.


  5. I don’t think it looks young at all, I think it is very nice consersative look, with a feminine side with the eyelet & pleats. The fit turned out fabulous!

  6. Wow. Your dress collection is amazing from what I’ve seen so far. I like this one, It’s cool, girly & summery.

  7. Wonderful, wonderful! It looks great! And though I think I see what may be making you feel the look is “young” it doesn’t read that way on you. It reads as a flattering, fun, cute and classy dress.

  8. I really like the dress. I like all of the elements in the dress but I especially like the fabric. I saw that fabric at Metro and couldn’t imagine what to do with it…love what you “saw” in it! BTW, I really like the shoes!

  9. I’m delurking to tell you that your dress is lovely. Conservative yet with a touch of whimsy, not at all too young. You look great in it too.

  10. Gorgeous!! I think this is possibly my favorite “BWTF by Cidell” piece. The style is perfect for showcasing the eyelet fabric. The length is just right and I love the neckline. I understand what you mean when you say you worry it is too Talbots, but I could imagine something like this from Marc Jacobs as well. Here’s to the summer of dresses!

  11. Wonderful! The dark buttons are definitely better! And sometimes Talbot’s is just what you need!

  12. Hello Cidell,

    I just found your blog today. The dress is wonderful and looks gorgeous on you.
    May I insert a link to your blog on my page ?

    Regards, Katrin

  13. OMG! How gorgeous! Beautiful details and color. You are very talented.

  14. I love the dress. And you did a great save on the fabric tear. Now you can be prouder about your work. Because IMO, once you face a sewing situation like this and solve it so perfectly, you have moved beyond sewing for fun. You faced a potential disaster and triumphed! Congratulations.

  15. I love the dress and it looks fabulous on you, not at all Talbots. I am also really amazed at what you saw in that fabric. (I have it too, but never imagined anything as fabulous as your dress) With your great ability to envision the final product and fix disasters like the fabric I think are ready for almost anything.

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