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Review: Simplicity 4237

I don’t think there is a seam here that wasn’t ripped out and sewn back up on Simplicity 4237. User error overload! I lost the directions before I even made the muslin so I flew solo on these pants. And that’s fine because they are easy. Now, I know there are some wrinkles across the front. And I swear to you, it’s because I sat around in them to play on the computer. Fresh from under the iron, there are no wrinkles.

I have to say I looooove these pants. They are comfortable, they fit, no gaping in the back, love the pockets on them, love the length, love the width. Love it. Love it. Love it. Did you hear that Anthropologie? You can keep your $88 Whale Watcher Trousers!!

But look at what I had to mess up to get here….

1. Understitched the wrong side of the yoke
2. Sewed trouser fronts together vs a front and back together
3. Put the lining facing the wrong way
4. Realized lining went in the wrong way because one pant leg was finished on the right side, one on the wrong side.
5. Used bias to finish the yoke like RTW, except put it on the wrong side on the yoke
5. Put a serger hole in the lining while finishing

I will be wearing these tomorrow and like that I will sit down and my panties won’t show. I will stand up and it will be a good fit that keeps my pants close to my body rather than cinching of my belt within an inch of its life.

Alright, I am off to do an accounting of the haul from this morning’s Joann sale. Oh, one final thought. Seersucker still needs ironing! I had a photo with the matching jacket, but it needed ironing after spending the last two days laying around on my sofa.

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