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Pattern Review: McCalls 5465

After this post folks, I’m entering radio silence. I got my copy of the new Harry Potter a little before lunch and will be engrossed until done.

This trapeeze dress is sooooo easy. I’d say from start to finish, maybe 3 hours? I’ve got it with a belt and without and like how both look. I have to say though, it’s really just a big tent. It’s cute, I think, because it’s trendy. Not because it’s particularly flattering. I’m never quite *this* trendy, so I’m going to enjoy it for all it’s worth.

I do have the feeling this is a dress my future children will someday laugh about. The cotton is very sheer so I underlined everything but the sleeves with the last of my cotton batiste.

I lengthened View A to View B then shortened it by three inches. So, it’s longer than the tunic but shorter than their version of the dress.

The sleeves are ginormous

I recommend you have it skim the knee and even take an inch or so off the sleeves. I think they look best above the elbow.

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Alright kids. I’m off. Talk to you when I’m done with the book.