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Pattern Review: BWOF 9-2007-121

Well. I like everything about this jumper pattern. The instructions give a very clean finish on the inside. By the nature of the pattern, it’s fully lined in the bodice. It pulls on and off super easy. I used a t-shirt knit from the stash purchased at Spandex House, NYC, April 07. I had a grey knit and could have mirrored the dress exactly, but I’ve been dying to use this fabric.

I didn’t really have enough fabric for this dress. The inside waistband is plain grey because I couldn’t squeeze it out of my striped knit. I thought about leaving the solid band for the outside but decided it cut me off instead of creating a long line.

Because I barely had enough fabric to make this dress, I had to do the skirt with the stripes horizontal. I think it makes me a *little* bottom heavy.

Note the line drawing above. The skirt flares out around the thighs. So it will visually add width, especially if you use a horizontal stripe.

I also got fancy and interfaced my hem facing and stitched it down with my walking foot. Nice, stable finish. Ummm, not so smart on a hem that tapers in. Because I interfaced there is no give for walking ease. It’s walkable, but not easily. I will likely cut off the hem and re-stitch it without the interfacing.

So, I need to make up a grey turtleneck pretty quick, huh? I do like that this will take me into the fall and I can pull it out again in the spring.

Alright. Have a muslin of 9-2007-117 ready to be worked on.

As a sidebar, this edition of BWOF is really, really, good. There are three things I’ve traced out to make, plus one more that I’ll hopefully get to this week. If you can find it, buy it. review here