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Pattern Review BWOF 9-2007-111

I spent the better part of Saturday morning trying to put the collar in the cape in a way that didn’t look like I wasn’t born with opposable thumbs. It never happened. So, in the effort to save my love of sewing, I worked on a dress from the September 2007 BWOF (9-2007-111).

I used some very stretchy cotton blend from the stash. It was a Joann’s purchase about three years ago. I think it $2 a yard on clearance. I loved the purple and it’s been a long time since I’ve worn purple. There are some really cool design elements with the front seaming of this dress, but it gets lost in the busy print. My lining is a four year old silky something purchased on a sewing retreat at a store in town. I loathe it. It raveled so badly I think I lost an inch to raveling.

I’ve been hesitant about making a tank dress because of my sway back and ‘forward muscular thighs’ (I think that’s what I read it was). But, I felt given the elastene content of the fabric it would fit. The top fits amazing. Like a glove. I could have made a 1/2 – 1 inch sway back adjustment and moved up one size below the hip. It’s straining a little around my lower thigh.

I’m glad I took a photo in this one! I need to shorten it about another inch. I’m thinking my legs are looking a little stumpy with this length.

see, stumpy

Overall I am happy with the results. I feel very mod. This can easily be made in a day. I made it, fixed two other items and ran out for groceries. Easy.

I need to stick with the two dot Burdas. I’m glad it reminded me that I do actually know how to sew.