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Best Laid Plans

The only sewing I got done today was on my Butterick 4919 UFO. It’s probably the last warm week of the year and I thought I should finish it up before moving on to my fall clothes. It just needed to be hemmed for the last month and I didn’t feel like it until this morning. Full review here.

I did wear the dress to work today. I had an event that ran two hours vs. the 30 mins I thought it would be. Then I picked up a friend and did a little shopping. And now I’ve got to clean up a little before going out to dinner. Pooh.

Also, I promised months ago to show you the outfit I had made for my mom in Ghana.

That is neither me or my mom modeling. It’s a friend of mine who borrowed it for an African benefit dinner. I did choose the fabric, but the design is all the seamstresses.

3 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. hi-you did a beautiful job with the dress and I think the length looks perfect. the stripes work well. I am going to try to make the long version this week for a james bond themed party – I know it is not really right but it is the only pattern I have for a long dress so I am making it in a black jersey. I might try to make the v opening at the neck a bit more plunging – wish me lick!

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