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I’d like to thank the academy…

Oh, yeah. That’s right. It’s the BWOF cape. After two hours of playing with the collar on the BWOF 08-2007-111 cape, I finally, painfully and inexpertly got it in. The buttons and lining took a few more hours and now I am happy to say IT’S DONE!!! Go Cidell, it’s my birthday. We gonna party like it’s my birthday!

I’d like to thank everyone out there for encouraging me and walking me through the tough parts, especially Vonnevo, Tany and Pat. I would still be sitting on the floor staring at this thing if it weren’t for you guys! Elaray was right, the whole universe was telling me to make this cape.

See that pie-eating grin on my face? That’s because this project is done!! I was so happy I ran outside, turned on the sprinkler and danced under the water for a few minutes. Ok. Not really. But, I would!!! I’ve just got a self tie belt on now, I want to find a buckle when I get to NYC next month.

Whoo Hoo!! review here.

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