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Fabric Around the World

For once, I showed some fabric shopping restraint. Between travel time and work, I really only had about two hours in Cairo to seek out the world famous Egyptian cotton. While I was making my way down to the Wikalit al -banah market where I had seen stalls upon stalls of fabric to be had, I stumbled across this:

Yeah, that’s right, a Burda fabric store!! It was a few streets away from my hotel. It was a thrill to buy some gorgeous wools at $5 a yard! So, I got just three pieces and called it a day for my fabric shopping.

After this little purchase (pink/grey herringbone, slate blue windowpane plaid and a coordinating solid blue), I decided to skip the market.

Shay, I didn’t make it out to Na Cha lot /Benyamin St in Tel Aviv. My flight was moved up several hours and there just wasn’t enough time after flying back into Israel from Cairo šŸ™

Between the three pairs (yeah, that’s right, three) of boots I bought in Israel and other clothes from Egypt, I honestly didn’t have any more space in my luggage.

On another note, did you know that Arabic numbers are different than our Latin based figures? I had to go shopping with a cheat sheet to figure out what things cost!

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