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One of those people

There are two kinds of people in the world.

There are those who travel to interesting places like New York City and Istanbul and eat the local food at independent restaurants, and those who beeline to American chain restaurants like Ruby Tuesday. I consider myself to be a part of the former group.

I am too impatient for group trips, I don’t quite understand repeat vacations (the Bahamas every year on a three day cruise with the same ports of call) and I don’t do chain restaurants on a first date. I mean, I sew. Inherently, I want to be unique and different. Eating at those places is asking to have my Buppie card revoked.

Would you like fries with that?

So imagine my chagrin when I found myself eating at McDonald’s not once, not twice, but FOUR times in 10 days!

1. Breakfast in Israel is fruit, hard boiled eggs, and salad. I like all of these things. I like all of these things for breakfast in fact. I loved the olives. But, after a week, I was missing my carbs. I *need* french fries and starch in my life.

2. Apparently, olives eaten by the kilo make you retain water and turn you into weird Aunt Sue. You know Aunt Sue. She’s the aunt who pays you a nickel to rub her swollen feet. I do not care for my 30s if this means my feet swell up like I’m nine months pregnant.

3. You can’t drink the water or eat the veggies in Egypt. This includes ice. Three accidents later, I just started going to McDonald’s. It is not cool to have stomach discomfort when you speak neither Hebrew nor Arabic. McDonald’s veggies come prepackaged from headquarters and they use filtered water for ice.

4. My first day in Egypt, I watched a dinner companion eat pigeon. Came out on the plate like a little Cornish hen. Honestly, haven’t had meat in four days.

Finally, thank heaven Egypt is Pepsi country. While I love the Kosher ‘real sugar not corn syrup’ Coke of Israel, I was really missing my Moutain Dew. I truly squealed with delight when I came across this at the Sheraton in Luxor.

This one’s for you Carolyn! I tried to bring some home, but security threw them away.