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Shopping in the Shuk

I hate bargaining. I want to ask a price, be told what it is, and decide if I want to pay for it. It’s a personal thing. I understand that it’s cultural to bargain. Some people love to bargain. Heck, my mother will bargain at Macy’s. Luckily, those people were on my trip and they could bargain for me at the shuks.

The streets of Israel and Egypt are lined with outdoor shopping called ‘shuks’. Personally, I found the ones in Israel to be full of touristy stuff that I didn’t really need to bring home. Visually, it’s more than an eyeful.

Need a pot, coffee maker, dates or olives?

They tried to get me to buy this for ‘going to disco’. I briefly considered it for Halloween. But, thought better of it.

Spices! How cool is that??

Costume jewelry and leather goods in the shuk. The jewelry is made in the Bedouin style. Using coins and semi precious stones and beads.

Pomegranate juice making inside the walls of Old City of Jerusalem

This last bit is from Egypt. During ancient civilizations, only the kings and queens could have their names written (in hieroglyphics) in a circle. The circle symbolized eternal life or reincarnation. I had this one made for about $20 with my name (not that I believe in reincarnation but, it looked pretty cool).