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Let’s pretend it’s summer

This weekend I decided it was high time I had a ‘summer date’ dress. You know the dress. The kind you put on to listen to concerts in the park or you wear to a night time BBQ. Not that I actually *do* any of those things. But, should the opportunity arise, I want to be dressed for it. #120 from the July 2007 BWOF fit the bill.

It’s unusual for me to show the typical BWOF cleavage. Now, mom, before you suggest I pin it close, I actually kind of like it. Looking at these photos, it is a little much. And I’m showing you the more modest angles. I even checked with my gays across the street (Randy+Dan = Dandy) and they said I needed to close it up a bit. While I’m not wearing it to work, I need to do some tacking or add a modesty panel.

I mixed two prints from Ghana for this dress. This interesting one with the Asian style lions is the bodice and the bottom is a temple style column. I skipped the skirt lining on this because slips don’t bother me and I didn’t have a dark batiste at home. I also added about 10 inches to the length to make it a maxi dress.

I think the fabric was $5 a yard. As far as I know, GTP isn’t exported to the US. But, some African nationals buy it and re-sell in the US.

And finally, I’m wearing these boots I got in Israel over the summer. We were leaving out of Tel Aviv and stopped at the mall for dinner. While everyone got their last taste of Kosher McDonalds, I ran into the shoe store and bought three pairs of boots in less than an hour. They barely fit in my suitcase. And my co-workers who were heading back home refused to carry any back for me. So, I carted all three pairs over to Egypt for another three days. In fact, I wore a pair the entire time I was in 105 degree Egypt since my sandals took up less luggage space. Guess who’s laughing now?

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