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My Easter Basket

I am 100 percent in LOVE with how the Betty Shopper bag is coming along.

The exterior is complete and the lining and pockets need to be sewn up. It’ll be a couple of weeks though. I used a friend’s industrial to sew this on and I can only get over there on weekends. This upcoming weekend I’m taking a five hour French cooking class at the Viking Cooking School outside of Philadelphia with a friend. Hmmmmm, wonder if I can talk her in to a stop along Fabric Row. Just to look! I’m back on my fabric diet until June.

I don’t know that this bag needed the industrial, but, it sure made sewing through two layers of Peltex 71 (at Joanns in the interfacing section) needed for the bottom of the bag much easier. And it’s so fast. And, it does an automatic backstitch. And, it cuts the thread at the end of a stitch. Sigh.

The bag is ginormous. You need quite the berth to sew it.

I love that it’s keeping its shape standing up. Phyllis was right! It’s all about the right interfacing! I dunno what this is. I got it on a huge roll in LA.

I took Kathleen’s advice and pressed and pressed and pressed so that the seams were wide and flat. Should you take this on, find your tailor board or a sleeve board for all the nooks and crannies.

I did cut the pockets wrong :(. I need to get some plain (i.e. inexpensive) broadcloth or gingham to re-cut.

I’m also going to order some purse feet. This fabric is too pretty to let sit on the floor. This same Alexander Henry Print can be found at j creative online. I may get in to this bag thing. I found about five bags in my BWOF archive.

And this came in the mail. I love The book was less than $5. You can thank my roommate from LA, Leslie, for this. She showed me his stingy fabric cutting technique and I was sold.

Happy Easter for those who celebrate. This is by far my favorite holiday. Although, this time of year makes me remember how I used to get a week off for Passover at my last job. Those my friends, were the days.