Look Ma, I made a button!

People are soooo smart. Last week I posted that I was going to buy purse feet for my Betty Shopper bag. Nancy and BeeBee suggested I use buttons instead. I went through my button stash (and it’s been a stash since I bought not one but TWO of the four pound button bundles from Fabric Mart).

I liked the way the red coordinated. But, it wasn’t thick enough for me. I really don’t want the bottom of the bag getting gross. Then I remembered reading somewhere that you could double up buttons for interest.


Cool, huh? Just a few drops of crazy clue from the dollar store and I have purse feet.

And, they go great with this stretchy brown woven that I’ve envisioned as BWOF 1-2007-113.

I love these blog awards that go around! Well, Marji from FiberArts Afloat, Gwendolyn of After the Dress and Domestic Haven’s Mimi nominated me for the Excellent Blog Award. Well, shucks. Thanks ladies! And I’d like to nominate two more. Yes, I’m supposed to do 10. But it was a long day at work and I’ve got tickets to Gounod’s Romeo et Juliette with the Baltimore Opera tonight. Am very excited! I bought one ticket for this and for Madame Butterfly almost a year ago. Talk about delayed gratification.

The first is for Leslie of Loohoo Originals who I officially met at PR weekend in LA. Since we met, she’s been my daily source of sewing when the boards or blogs are slow. She launched her blog last week and her first post is on one of my favorite gadgets, the Consew Gravity Feed Iron.

I don’t usually seek out the knitting blogs. I can’t knit and it just makes me bitter that I can’t. But, there’s a cool knitter out there who sews too and is a sci-fi junkie like me (don’t sleep on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Star Wars y’all). So, if you have a moment, check out Peacock Chic.

Before I close, I’d like to say THANK YOU to Ben. Ben (who is from New Jersey) found my driver’s license outside of the Walnut Room in Philadelphia. He tracked my number down and called to let me know he put it in the mail. I told him ‘thanks’ and he said I should pay it forward.

I can get with that. So, I’ll send a set of 10 of these red and brown buttons to the (pre-determined number) person who who asks for them in the comments. Or, umm, if I’m the only one who likes them, I’ll just keep them and say I did 🙂


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