Hmmm, this bag thing is kinda fun

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? Honestly, never thought I would be excited by a bag I made.

Last night, I cut myself badly enough putting in the grommets that I considered a run to the emergency room. But, I decided that an ugly scar on my finger and two hours of bleeding was better than losing four hours of my life sitting in the fourth rung of hell Johns Hopkins ER on a Friday night. Of course this morning I found my awl and wondered where it was last night when I was using dressmaker shears to punch a hole in the fabric. But, I digress.

I also took some advice from a review on PR and divided one pocket in half (bottom photo). The other (above) will get a big snap which I picked up at Joann’s today. The pockets are kinda floppy without it.

Also, I think I would recommend interfacing the quilt weight lining fabric. I think the side where I divided the bag has more support. I imagine some interfacing on the lining would do the same.

I attached the button purse feet with upholstery thread.

Nice bag. Would make it again, a little smaller. Will be great for the Farmer’s Market this summer. Who am I kidding. I’m taking this bad boy to work on Monday. I bet my Aunt Judy would like one of these too.

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